Pan Card Correction: Is there a mistake in the PAN card?  So fix the pancard at home

Pan Card Correction: Is there a mistake in the PAN card? So fix the pancard at home

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Nowadays most of our work is being done online due to Corona epidemic. In such a situation everything from PAN card to Aadhar card is being made online. Whether you have to file income tax returns or open a bank account, a PAN card is required everywhere. Even if you make a financial transaction, you still need a PAN card. However, this is possible only when there is no mistake in your PAN card. Many times, there is a mistake in important documents like PAN card and Aadhaar card of the people. If there has been any mistake in your PAN card, then you can easily get your PAN card rectified at home. Any mistake can be easily rectified. Do you know how?

1 For this, first go to NSDL website. Here go to the application type and click on the last option Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data / Reprint of PAN Card.

2 Now fill the information requested here and enter the captcha and click on the submit button.

3 Further, you will be asked for proof as Aadhaar, Passport or another certificate.

4 After uploading one of these documents, you will be asked to make a payment.

After 5 payments, you will be given a bank reference number and a transaction number.

6 You save both the given numbers and then click on Continue.

7 Now you have to fill a form in which you will have to tell which PAN card mistake you want to rectify.

8 Now you will have to submit the necessary correction form and submit the form.

9 You will get a new PAN card with an update a few days later.

10 Yes, if you want to make a copy of the PAN card at home by rectifying the PAN card online, then you will have to pay 106 rupees 90 paise and if you do not want a hard copy of the PAN card, then you will not have to pay any charge for the digital copy.

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