Phone Tips: Never do these five tasks while charging the phone, the battery will be damaged

Phone Tips: Never do these five tasks while charging the phone, the battery will be damaged

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Nowadays smartphone has become a very important part of our life. Especially when everyone is in their home due to Corona epidemic in the country, its use has increased even more. When the smartphone is being used more, its battery also runs out soon and it has to charge the phone again and again. While charging the phone, we often make many such mistakes which are harmful for the phone. Today we want to draw your attention to these mistakes.

Do not put the phone into charging overnight
Many times we put our phone in charge at night and the phone keeps charging throughout the night. It should not be done at all. This affects the battery of your smartphone and the battery of the phone can also deteriorate quickly. So do not put your phone in charge for a long time.

Immediately charge the phone with 20 percent battery left
Many times we are careless about the charging of the phone. We do not charge the phone until it switches itself off. But do you know that doing so has a great effect on the battery of the phone. If you want to maintain the battery of your phone properly, then you should always put it in the phone charging only if you have 20 percent battery left. You can avoid the side effects by charging the battery without going down. For this, if you can, then use a good power bank with you. If necessary, immediately put the phone into charging.

Use original charger
If the battery of the phone is to be damaged and to run for a long time, always charge your smartphone with the original charger. If you charge the phone with another or local charger, then it affects your phone’s battery. By doing this continuously, the battery of your phone can also be damaged. So use only the charger that comes with the phone.

Remove the cover from the phone before charging
We use all covers to protect the phone from being damaged. But by charging the phone with a cover, the phone heats up quickly. Many times, the charging pin cannot be installed properly, then the phone cannot be charged. Therefore, try to charge the phone at once. Please charge only by removing the cover during charging.

Do not use fast charging apps
Many times we download such fast charging apps to save the phone’s battery. Those who are constantly on the phone. This may charge you quickly, but the battery runs out soon. These third party apps that save battery have a lot of pressure on the battery.

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