Plan to buy laptop, so know these important things

Plan to buy laptop, so know these important things

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New Delhi: Corona virus is wreaking havoc in India at the moment. Many companies have given work to home option to most of their employees. In such a situation, laptop has become an important gadget, using which they are able to do their work. At this time, the demand for laptops in the country can be seen increasing. If you too are planning to buy a laptop these days, then you should know some important things.

Decide budget
First of all, decide your budget to buy a laptop. At this time, a good laptop in the market starts at Rs 25,000. You can choose a product according to your need by comparing laptops from all companies. Apart from this, you can also compare the laptops of all the companies according to the price.

Latest processor
If the processor of your laptop is the latest, then the performance of your laptop will be better. Apart from this, your processor is also responsible for the speed of the laptop. Laptops with good processors can prove to be better for professional work. Apart from this, the laptop should be of the latest generation. Right now, 10th generation laptops are making a boom in the market.

There is more RAM and storage
If your laptop has more RAM, then your laptop will work better. Also, you will be able to store more data in a laptop with more storage. At this time, laptops with 8GB RAM and 1TB storage are being liked in the market.

Be correct screen size
You can select the size of the laptop according to your need. At this time, a laptop with a 14-inch display is most preferred. Some people use laptops during travel. In such a situation, a laptop with a small screen can prove to be better for them.

Battery backup is great
If the battery backup of your laptop is good, you can use the laptop for several hours on a full charge once. At present, most laptops are available with 5 to 6 hours of battery backup. Some of these support fast charging.

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