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Pokemon Shuffle Best Andriod Game 2020

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Pokemon Shuffle:

Pokémon Shuffle is a game similar to Puzzle and Dragon, where you have to meet three or more similar Pokémon characters on the game board. The goal of each level is to fight against another Pokémon character, which you need to try to catch in the end.

The game mechanics of Pokémon Shuffle are simple and informal and at each turn, you can move the same Pokémon into three or more identical matches. When you add them, the Pokemon disappears and you damage your enemy.

There are some interesting aspects of the gameplay. For example, if you play against fire Pokémon, it is interesting to fight water Pokémon, because including them in the game board can cause a lot of damage to your enemy. In addition, you can level up your Pokemon, and make your character a more powerful competitor.

Pokemon Shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle Gameplay:

There are many ways to play Pokémon. You can play Pokémon in many ways that you want. However, with the current powerful technology. The latest mobile game Pokémon Shuffle will bring mobile players back to their childhood.

You can hunt Pokémon on your mobile phone in a very different and new way. Like the 3DS version released earlier this year, Pokemon Shuffle is a game that combines multiple elements of the Pokemon theme with combination, strategy, action RPGs, and Match 3 puzzles.

The colorful game world offers a huge collection of invincible Pokémon, under which players will have to use the Match 3 style to win matches and regroup in their team.

Powerful creativity and Pokémon abilities are maintained as before, your childhood is more vibrant and beautiful than ever before. Especially here, you will experience training and upgrade work to develop your Pokémon with a powerful mega version.


General Information

Join the Pokemon Shuffle, players will still play the role of animal trainers with the actual task of collecting Pokemon. Recently, Nintendo and DNA released the first product of the year based on the collaboration of these two famous developers.

The game is Pokémon Shuffle, based on the animated film Pokémon, which is familiar to global gamers. The game has been popular on mobile devices using Android and iOS operating systems.

Return to Pokémon matches, which is the hot spot for Pokémon Shuffle. This classifies them as Match Three, as noted above. Players have a limited chance to win the game. Therefore, it is important to have the right strategy before going to war to ensure victory.

County mashups of game Pokémon such as flying systems and insect systems also apply here. When combining three or more similar Pokemon combos, you’ll activate your ability to fight and command your Pokemon.

The success of the Pokemon Shuffle Edition on 3DS is a strong foundation for developers to experience addictive puzzles with Pokemon on mobile and create extraordinary moments. Even if you have never played Pokémon, the thrilling gameplay of this game can easily entice you.

You can download Pokemon Shuffle in the google play store for free. The game allows IAP players to purchase more network play. Comes. However, you do not need to use this feature, but you can still win and own the largest collection of Pokémon animals for your training skills.

Pokemon Shuffle

Background story

Pokémon is a familiar subject, but as of now, the attention of these super-powerful creatures has not diminished in any way. In recent times, many mobile games have been created under this theme, such as Pokémon: Magcorp Jump and Pokémon Masters. However, the characters and gameplay are the same in these games.

Arriving in the Pokemon shuffle, players will play a standard Pokemon game with 100% realistic images. And one thing to note is that the game graphics have been created by the designers of Pacquiao, Bilbassor, Square and Charmandar. Therefore, the Pokemon shuffle’s appeal to gamers is undeniable.

In addition to the strategy game, participating in Pokémon Shuffle, players will also play the role of animal trainers, with the great task of collecting the right Pokémon to increase their team’s strength. From there, gamers will engage in adventure-based matches to find or combat other players in the colorful world of Pokémon Shuffle.