WhatsApp chat can be exported via email, know what is this feature

Powerful feature is coming in WhatsApp, users will be able to change color in the app, learn how

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WhatsApp is going to bring a special feature for users soon. With this, users will be able to choose different color options inside the app. With the new feature, users will be able to change the color of the text message in the chatbox. The website WABetaInfo recently shared its information via tweet. In its tweet, WABetaInfo said that WhatsApp is currently developing this feature. There is not much information about how long this will be rolled out.

Some images of the feature of the app are also shown in the tweet. In the screenshot, text can be seen in a chatbox with a new color in yellow and green. These chat messages shown in the image are system messages that give information about the business account of the user account.

Chat will be seen in new shades
In the new feature, you can distinguish these colors from the dark and dark shades of the existing color. On the other hand, many call-to-action chat apps like Broadcast List or Archive Chat will also appear in newer shades compared to the current version. Apart from changing the color, the theme of the app remains more or less the same as we see in the version of WhatsApp.

All the messages of a user can be one color
For now, we can assume that we will get the option of changing color optionally for alternative text messages. This contact can also enable specific color shadows, which means that all the messages of a person in a chat will be in one color. In this case, this feature will be a big plus for the active WhatsApp group in which many members post messages simultaneously. Then it will help to better identify the message of every member of such group.

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