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Realme 7 review, price, performance, Display, battery life and camera

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Realme has launched its new 7 Series, which now includes Realme 7 and 7 Pro. When it was launched back in March, it offered segment features like a hold punch display and 90 Hz refresh rate and till date it is only around Rs 4,000. 15,000 which provides high refresh rate screen.

Realme 7 design and demonstration

Side by side, Realme 7 appears to be practically identical to Reality 6. The buttons, fingerprint sensor, SIM tray and the bottom of all ports under both phones are quite similar. Due to its large battery, Realme 7 is actually over 6 inches thick (9.4 mm) and heavy (196.5 grams), and is very noticeable in everyday use. Excess weight can actually cause skin fatigue from one-handed texting or photography.

Overall, Realme 7 seems strongly built for a budget phone. However, I am not happy about gaining weight, which definitely makes it more complicated to use on a daily basis.

Realme 7 Display and Software

Realme 7 is the first phone to debut with the MediaTek Helio G95SC. The only real change is that the integrated Mali-G76 GPU now has a top speed of 900 MHz compared to the G90T’s 800 MHz.

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Realme 7

The rest of the SOC features appear to be similar. It is still a 12nm octa-core chip, with two Cortex-A76 performance cores that can run up to 2.05GHz, plus six Cortex-A55 display speeds with a clock speed of 2GHz. . In theory, we should see slightly better scores in the gaming benchmark, but overall, performance should not be different from Relim 6.

Realme 7‘s base variant has 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage for Rs 500. 14,999, and is the second invention with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. 16,999.

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The performance is very satisfactory.  Face recognition and side-mounted fingerprint sensors are also faster. Navigating through the interface makes the 8GB of RAM I get feel different. The apps were generally quick to load, and scrolling through the 90Hz refresh rate menu made it feel comfortable. There is also a good selection of live wallpapers and a plethora of utilities such as smart sidebars, built-in screen recorders and many gestures and shortcuts.

Realme 7 is also good with games. The Bat Azam looked great on advanced graphics settings and the gameplay was smooth. Racing titles such as Caricature Drift Racing 2 also provided a great experience.

A cursory glance at some standards confirms that the new Helio G95SC is slightly faster than the Helio G90T. On CPU standards, such as Jack Bench, Realme 6, posted surprisingly high scores over 7, despite many attempts. However, Realme 7 has published slightly higher numbers in other benchmarks such as Anto and GFX Bench.

Realme 7 battery life

Realme 7 gets a smaller, 5000 mAh battery, which is a major upgrade from Relim 6’s 4,300 mAh capacity, even with moderate to heavy use, that I can easily get on a single charge. Got a day and a half runtime. For some perspective, Realme 7 lasted over 24 hours in our HD video battery loop test, which is great.

Thankfully, you can charge the battery very quickly. Realme 7 supports 30W Dart Charge Fast Charging, which can take it from zero to 100 in 65 minutes. If you do not have a Realme charger working, you can also use 15W USB-C power delivery fast charging.

Realme 7

Realme 7 camera

The third major change in Realme 7 compared to 6 is the main camera. It is still 64 megapixels, but the original Samsung GW1 sensor has been replaced by the Sony IMX 682 sensor. The Realme also stated that it is using a new “Ultra High Definition” algorithm for the 64-megapixel format, promising better clarity and detail than the sensors on the Realme 6.

Let’s see for ourselves. Here are 64-megapixel photos taken with Realme 7 and 6. If we zoom all the way to a specific part of the building, we see that Realme 6 captures the image of a low-grain cleaner, but its texture is very smooth. Realme 7 maintains a better structure, but at the cost of having some grain in the picture.

Realme 7
However, when shooting in the default photo mode, there can be significant improvements in the pixel images captured by Realme 7. It gives better detail compared to Realme 6 with better dynamic range and exposure, low grain grain low light images are also visible. Shots captured using Night Mode look a lot happier than what Realme 6 can produce. Overall, the new sensor is slightly better than the old one, and it never deteriorates.

Realme 7 also works well with close people. Details and colors were often good and autofocus worked well. However, the rest of the camera is the same as we have already seen on Realme 6, with the specs as well as the type of image you expect.

Video quality

Realme 7 can shoot video up to 4K, but without stability. The colors are slightly warm. Videos from very wide-angle cameras are static, but details are poor and resolution is limited to 1080p. Ultra Study Mode provides excellent stability but the frame is heavy and the footage looks a bit soft. Videos shot in low light look fine and the details are poor. I would say don’t even bother recording with the ultra wide angle camera and just stick to the center in low light.