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The Redmi Note is a well-established series, and provides the best phones. They should all be wrapped in an amazing body, running the latest MIUI, and all ending up with a cheap price tag. Well, redmi note 8 follows the guidelines and has the right content to add another great addition to the series.

The design

redmi note 8‘s design leans more towards the Redmi Note 7S than redmi note 8 Pro. Although the latter includes a curved design and a luxurious building that matches its price, redmi note 8 is a mid-range smartphone as far as it looks. The entire design is an extension of the flat, glass and metal sandwich that was first launched on the Redmi Note 7. Yes, Xiaomi’s budget portfolio can be quite complex.

redmi note 8 has placed its 6.3-inch display under Gorilla Glass 5, which resembles very large bells on three sides. Xiaomi’s decision to run a color-mashed blue trim in the display area is questionable. Personally, I think it makes the phone cheaper, but you may feel different. The chin is tight at the bottom, although the Redmi branding comes a bit far. A small notification LED sits to the left of the water drop mark. The LED is a bit small to look at from a distance, but it’s better not to do it at all.

The back panel is also made of Gorilla Glass 5 and sports a nice blue / purple gradient. The fingerprint scanner sits in the middle and is accelerated as it arrives. The quad camera module, however, is far from surface glass. This is because the phone wakes up quickly when placed on the table, and essentially grabs your pocket while sliding into it.

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redmi note 8


The performance on redmi note 8 is not bad, but it is slightly submerged in a sea of ​​large panels. Out of the box, the color toning scalar does away with the quieter tone. This has a profound effect on the way photographs and videos appear on display. That said, it is easy to change to a much more neutral color profile right now. The same material looks much more natural.

Unlike some competing devices such as Motor One Macro, redmi note 8 has a full HD + display. Spread over 6.3 inches, the resolution is quite high. Icons and text look crisp and reading long web pages is a pleasant experience.

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We measured peak brightness levels of around 430 nits with the display displayed on standard format. This is just below the brightness level of 450 nuts claimed by Zoomi. redmi note 8 is definitely not the brightest phone in this segment, but you should not worry too much unless you spend a lot of time walking under the sunlight.


The Snapdragon 665 chipset is powered by the Film 5K. The performance is no different from the Snapdragon 660 chipset that powers the Redmi Note 7S. The chip set is based on the 11nm architecture, which should make it a bit more confusing. The 665’s CPU is slightly slower than the 660’s, while the 665’s GPU is more powerful. All have to eliminate performance losses and losses. Jumping between apps will sometimes cause frame drops and a slight jitter.

Pubg test

The gaming experience is not amazing. Advancing the graphics layout in PUBG leads to significant gaps and falling frames. It does not help that the phone becomes very hot within a few minutes of gaming. The Snapdragon 66x family of chipsets has been promoted by his successors, and it shows here.

The battery

When we’re starting to see a 5,000mAh battery in the entry-level section, redmi note 8‘s 4,000mAh cell is certainly not an error. The phone easily lasts all day and then for a few days. In my time with the phone, I found it difficult to remove the battery with heavy usage, including spending hours on Spotify and YouTube, browsing Reddit, and sending a dozen or so emails.

Larger and maximum change for end users supports 18W charging. Not only this, Xiaomi threw a fast charger into the box. A full charge only takes two hours. Unfortunately, the phone does not support wireless charging, but it is normal at this price.

redmi note 8

The camera

Like the Realme, Redmi dropped the triple camera and jumped straight into the quad camera setup.

The main camera uses a 48MP Oswell Bright GM2 sensor via Samsung. It is a massive 1 / 2.25 “sensor with 0.8 hugem pixels, and this lens has an f / 1.8 aperture. Pixel binding is going on here, so the image output is 12MP.

The 119 degree ultra wide angle camera has an 8MP sensor with f / 2.2 aperture. Automatic distortion correction is applied when necessary, but you can opt out of it. Then there is the 2MP macro camera (pixels on the sensor are quite large, 1.75µm). Its lenses can focus from a distance of 4 cm so that you can be closer to your subjects.

Switching between modes is like every other camera app – swiping left and right will give you all the modes, while tapping in the top right corner of the screen increases the “hamburger menu” option. will give. There is also a basic settings menu, and it offers nothing more than the usual.

image quality

Now, let’s talk about image quality. The 48MP camera naturally delivers through 12MP images, and what we shot turned out very well. The resolution is adequate, the noise level is low, and the colors are mostly accurate in life. The dynamics range is very wide, and although the best we’ve encountered – we’ve never used the HDR option.

redmi note 8

Final opinion

Xiaomi does not have the biggest chipset or the best camera on redmi note 8, but it is not pretending to be the best phone yet. It is a highly balanced mid-ranger that costs less than an entry-level smartphone and still offers excellent quality across the board.

redmi note 8 has an impressively bright and large screen, can handle the demands of the game well, and takes good pictures day and night. The Note 8 lasts a very long time at the same charge as the old note phones.