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redmi note 8 pro Full review, Fingerprint sensor, speakers, Display, Performance, battery life

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Are you finding the best mid-range mobile? At this point, we are accustomed to seeing the application of pro branding everywhere, and it probably makes sense in the upper regions.

redmi note 8 pro has a very interesting chipset from MediaTek that we have not seen in many other devices, so we were interested to know how it performs everyday life compared to the Snapdragon chipset.

This will have an impact on the performance section in the long-term review, but will not be comparable at all because it will not be appropriate. However, the Redmi MI is about half the price of the Note 10, and the price is one of its key selling points, while the Note was a performance of Xiaomi. How far has it come? Camera system.

redmi note 8

Fingerprint sensor

Talking about Camera Island, it also has a fingerprint sensor, which makes it look good, especially since everything is on the back (horizontally), but you can use this phone for a minute. You don’t even have to keep it. Find a problem with this setup. Just look at the picture of his back and he will hit you.

In fact, sensor placement makes it incredibly easy to remove minimal camera lenses. There is no way around this 100%, but we know that if we start censoring from the middle of the phone, carefully pulling our finger upwards, we can easily reach the island. Will detect the outer region of and then tap on the sensor. Safe without any camera smuggling.

The sensor itself is fast and very accurate, as all genes have capacitive models. Such a sensor is slightly faster and more accurate than the best optical in-display devices of the time, but this difference is much smaller than before. That said, the only “fingerprint unrecognized” error we found on redmi note 8 pro is because we removed our finger from the sensor within a few seconds. And this is a ‘user error’, as they say. The sensor is indeed correct, while its placement speed low.

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Handling, build quality

The Note 8 Pro is not the thinnest phone, but at 9 mm (excluding camera bumps) it is not very thick. A year or two ago it was considered too heavy at 200 grams, but in 2020 it is not a record breaker in the region. It feels good on the hand, but is a larger phone, and much larger than the ‘mainstream’ Android flagship of the day and age, and slightly wider (a millimeter or more).

Conversely, you get more screens, but if your hands are small, it won’t be easy to use with one hand. We are fine with this, but large (and widespread) extended use sessions become annoying. Buttons are all to the right, which is fine but sometimes it’s hard to tell by just touch, and you can find that when you want to touch the power button you will turn the volume off.

redmi note 8

The speaker

The speaker of redmi note 8 pro in very good like other mobiles, while it won’t win any awards and it will be so loud that you can usually hear the video you’re watching (or the podcast) happening. do you hear). As always, things get even better if you put your hands around it.


redmi note 8 pro has an LCD panel, so you won’t find any ‘wow’ elements of OLED with their exceptional proportions and reasonably deep calls. It is also not the best LCD screen ever (it can only be found on iPhones that have not been converted to OLED in this day and age), but it works.

The sunlight capability is fine, but not record-breaking, as is the overall brightness. On the title of brightness, note that the atomic brightness setting is still too bright, but you can reduce it using MIUI’s Fraud Night mode.

If you are in some kind of dark environment and have to manually lower the Full Glow slider, it will make the screen even more blurred. Fun Fact: If you don’t do this, it won’t automatically go to the left. This is just an MIUI rate, as is the fact that you cannot tap anywhere on the slider to quickly adjust the layout. Instead, you have to move your finger. We really hope that MIUI 12 fixes this minor glitch.

Because it is not OLED, there is not always a display, as it will drain your battery life because no matter how little content it shows you, the LCD screen needs to illuminate all its backlighting LEDs.

Performance, flexibility

Redmi note 8 has pro’s Helio G90T is a Taiwanese company’s mid-range SOC, and we were very keen to see how it would perform in day-to-day tasks, especially compared to Qualcomm. in comparison.

In short, it is a mixed bag. For everyday tasks in general with flagship smartphones, redmi note 8 pro feels much more – about 70% to 80% of the time. But the rest of the time is when the chipset shows some weaknesses, with random fluctuations. The brakes are not unbearable, but we have seen more turmoil than expected based on outstanding performance.

The thing is – this is a phone that is mostly great for performance and ease, which at this point is even more frustrating to hesitate or step back because it always seems rather unpredictable. You have a habit of overall good performance, then balm! this mobile is not made for you!!!

redmi note 8

battery life

Battery life on redmi note 8 pro has been amazing. We easily paired the Huawei P30 Pro with the best battery life span we’ve ever seen with a device that went through our long-term review process, and most of the time the longevity of this handset has also been exceeded.

The Note 8 Pro will easily last a day of your usage, even if you are a ‘power user’, and give us a day off and in our general use case for permanent long-term reviews. found it. Wi-Fi connectivity, one or two hours over 4G mobile data, Bluetooth always with one hour of music streaming, and about two hours of phone calls every day.