Robots will deliver goods from door to door in Singapore, there will be no risk of infection

Robots will deliver goods from door to door in Singapore, there will be no risk of infection

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At this time, fear of corona infection is at its peak all over the world. In such a situation, every person wants that the material coming into his house should be free from any kind of infection. Bypassing this possibility of infection, a Singapore-based company has developed robots that can deliver goods directly to customers’ homes.

No risk of infection

There will be no human touch of any kind in this delivery through the robot, so there will be no risk of infection also. These robots have been built by a company called OTSAW. These robots are named Camello. As a trial of robots, milk, eggs and other ration items have been delivered to them in about 700 homes for one year. Consumers can use these robots through an app. Consumers can select the goods they want through the app and can also choose the delivery time as per their convenience. When the robot takes the goods selected by the consumer and reaches near the address given to him, the app sends a message to the consumer alerting him that his goods have reached near him. In this way, the consumer can collect that item easily.

These robots can free themselves after every delivery

These robots have 3D sensors, camera and two compartments. These robots can easily carry a weight of up to twenty kilograms. These robots can free themselves of infection. Robots are equipped with ultraviolet lights. Through these ultraviolet lights, after every delivery, the robots process themselves to be deinfected. Given the increasing risk of infection during the Corona period, these robots are considered very useful.

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