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The Samsung Galaxy A series has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years.. Samsung Galaxy A41 is another great addition to a family. It manages to hide its simple origins under a few simple design ideas and offers an excellent package for the price. The beautiful 6.1 inch Super AMOLED display device, despite its slim waist all around, can justify the price ی 250 price tag alone, and then the excellent camera system, cool back panel and excellent battery life. Cheap phones have never been so interesting.

Design and performance

It is a beautiful looking phone that manages to hide its minor originality by taking design elements from its leading siblings. In fact, the A41 is the same size as the Galaxy S20, and the rear camera system also looks odd. It is a beautiful compact phone weighing only 152 grams.

The frame and back of the phone are made of plastic, but you can barely tell by looking at the device or holding it in your hand. Samsung added some premium elements to the design, namely the fine geometric patterns on the back panel and the cool iridescent effect (called Parzam Krish) that reinforced the impression of the glass.

Speaking of bezels, they are perfectly fine on the A41, balanced on the sides and top, and have a wide chin of grasshoppers at the bottom.

The display itself is superb. Samsung has mastered AMOLED technology and now these beautiful panels have found their way into very affordable phones. If you want a bit more pop, you can use a “vivid” layout, and have a colorful temperature slider to enhance your viewing experience.

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Camera and audio

Samsung Galaxy A41

Nighttime images with artificial lighting are also good, but low-light performance is too low to be desired. It doesn’t help that there is no night mode on the A41, so you’ll have to do what you get in automatic shooting mode, which is usually too much noise and a significant lack of detail. Like the Galaxy A31, the camera also lacks slow, ultra-slow and hyperlap modes, and I can only hope that Samsung will stop being so stingy and bring these features in with software updates. Will

The ultra-wide camera is wide enough to work at hand, capturing a wide view. Colors are usually warmer in images taken with the main camera, something we also saw on the Galaxy A5. As far as the 5MP depth camera is concerned, it allows you to take pictures of Boki directly using focus mode. Background blurring is usually accompanied by some problems around a person’s hair, such as taking pictures of reindeer with the most expensive phones.

Software and performance

By now you must be wondering how the Samsung Galaxy A41 got tapped at such a cheap price. There is an agreement that answers the question and that is the chip set. We would love to see the Snapdragon Mid Ranger inside the A41, but unfortunately, the Meditech MT6768 Helio P65 is the main character at this stage.

Putting artificial standards aside, the Galaxy A41 sometimes switches between slightly slower scrolling or apps. It’s not the end of the world, and clearly, MT’s chipset handles everyday tasks well. 4GB of RAM is more than enough to handle power browsing through a dozen tabs, while 64GB of onboard storage is expanded via a microSD card slot.

There is an optical in-display fingerprint scanner, which is slow enough to take your prints, probably due to the MediaCrack set. On the other hand, unlocking the face works and is a better option if you want to protect this extra layer.

In terms of software, we’re talking about Samsung’s UI2.0 on Android 10. It’s a very lovely scroll, and if it wasn’t for the occasional hiccups here and there, the Galaxy A41 is a really good package to offer, but still, the Font 250 phone has a significant performance. It is not fair to expect. Samsung Galaxy A41 means no gaming phone, and if you want a device that can easily handle graphics-filled apps, then you should look elsewhere.

battery life

Although Samsung Galaxy A41 is quite compact and thin (only 7.9 mm), it has a considerable 3500 mAh battery. When we consider the modest chip set and powerful AMOLED screen, we should expect great battery life from this device. And indeed it is so.

Samsung Galaxy A41

You can get two full days between a moderate use or a heavy day’s compensation for heavy use. The phone supports fast charging and with the help of 15W bricks in the box you can achieve 0 to 50% in 41 minutes. There is no indication of wireless charging, but within this price range, this is to be expected. Overall, Samsung Galaxy A41 is not disappointed in the battery department.

Final opinion

The beautiful AMOLED display is easy to handle with one hand, the performance is good unless you plan to play heavy games, the battery can often last all day, and you get the latest Samsung software. It’s not perfect, but if you’re after a compact and affordable phone, the Galaxy A41 is round the corner.