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Today we will review about Samsung Galaxy M30s with full testing and give you our opnion but Many models of the likes of Zoomi and Honor were dominated by the 20,000 class, many of them offering better value for money than the sale of equipment.
Samsung Galaxy M30 smartphone has an AMOLED display and good battery life. Samsung has now launched the latest version of the smartphone by dubbing the Galaxy M30s. Does it improve the strength of the M30 and overcome its weaknesses? We tested the Samsung Galaxy M30s.

Samsung Galaxy M30s Design

The Galaxy M30s features a 6.4-inch full-HD + AMOLED display with the Dudrop mark on top, dubbed by Samsung as the Infinity U display. The sides of the panel are thin bezels, though the chin is thick. Although AirPace is small, we have no problem listening to our callers on this device.

We got the power button in a good position, but with the volume button you need to stretch your fingers, and loudspeaker are at the bottom. Instead, you can choose the more traditional black or white color option.

Samsung has introduced a larger 6,000 mAh battery in the M30s, which is larger than its predecessor, the M30. This phone is quite big but since the back is folded, its use is at hand. Samsung sends a 15W charger to the box.

Samsung Galaxy M30s specifications and software

It is designed with the UI in mind, as well as most system apps and menus that can be pulled down to make tapable areas accessible, making it easy to use with one hand.

Digital Goodness, a popular Android Pie feature, is available with winded mode that converts the screen to gray scale and helps you unlock the phone to DND. Samsung has always kept the Super AMOLED panel to be used with a display option. When your device is locked, it lets you see notifications and other alerts (over time) on the lock screen.

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samsung m30s

Samsung Galaxy M30s performance and battery life

We can navigate through the menu and launch the app without any fuss. The fingerprint scanner is also fast to unlock the smartphone and does not require much effort. There is also facial recognition, and is quick to unlock the smartphone after a successful scan.

We run a benchmark to test how the Exynos 9611 pays the rent against some other processors used in the phone at the same price. However, it is not far behind Realm X (Review), which scored 155,897 points with the Snapdragon 710SC.

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With pubg there was hesitation on high settings, which prompted us to reduce the quality of the graphics. We played for 20 minutes and saw a drain of 4% battery level. The smartphone was barely hot to touch after gaming.

Battery life is a special feature of the Galaxy M30, and the 6000 mAh battery helps this smartphone soldier for a very long time before plugging in. We can remain in use with dynamic WhatsApp account for two days. Benchmarking, camera sampling and running PUBG Mobile for about 40 minutes. It takes about two and a half hours to charge the phone

Samsung Galaxy M30s Camera

There is an AI-powered visual enhancer that helps the phone identify what it is pointing to and adjust things accordingly. Direct focus mode on the M30 lets you set the opacity level before taking a shot, and you can change this later in the Gallery app. Daylight shots had average details about zooming, and while text was writable on objects in the distance, it was not crisp. We also saw deformation of the barrel at the edges.

samsung m30s

Images shot in low light lacked detail and were grainy when zoomed. Pictures shot using Night Mode were bright, but the Galaxy M30 is framed, so you’ll need to keep this in mind when setting up the shot.

Portraits changed well, and the phone managed to detect a nice edge, but the quality of shots taken in low light was slightly lower. During the day, video shoot in 1080p was stable. Samsung has also added a super-study video mode that converts to a wide-angle camera and cuts the frame.

Final opinion

It retains the good features of its predecessor, such as a crisp AMOLED display, and extends battery capacity up to 6,000 mAh while helping to provide better battery life. The new Aquinas 9611 SC is more powerful than the Axinos 7904, and performs just like any other popular processor at the same price point on the market.
M30’s cameras are an area where Samsung still needs to do some work. We have often seen lethargy, and camera performance was below average in low light. In past, Samsung gives very good and excellent phones but now they compromise with their budget because many competitors come into the mobile market and give competitions therefore If you can effort then go with this phone.