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Fortunately, Samsung phones usually receive discounts early and often throughout their lives, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is no different. Two months after it was first announced, the Note 20 is already open at 800 ور 800 at various retailers.

We often advise against buying Samsung phones immediately as one might expect from these little people. There is no reason to spend an extra 200 if waiting for a month or two will save you that cash. But with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, it’s not just about saving money – it’s not taken for granted.

But it is also surrounded by phones whose features or specs make it more or less worth matching or more. So, with the usual note, the question really comes down to how badly you want this pen.

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Galaxy Note 20 hardware

At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 resembles ordinary Samsung Note hardware. It has a large, vibrant screen with small bells, a square on the sides and an S on the bottom. The fit and finish should be sufficient for anyone.

But when you start looking a little closer, you can see that although the corners of the phone are square, the other corners are cut off. I’m sorry if you assume that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was a smaller version of the Note 20 Ultra. This is a phone that has very few phones.

Spectacles are not everything, and most of Samsung’s changes don’t really bother me. But one thing is disturbing: the screen is only 1080p, and does not have a high refresh rate. For any such phone, 120 Hz is indeed a norm and now costs a lot. The resolution doesn’t bother me, but the refresh rating, a bit. More refresh rate when drawing helps reduce stylus delay, and I noticed it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 compared to the Ultra.

It’s a small difference and it won’t really bother you – except for those moments when you think about how much you paid for a phone that should have a quick refresh rate. It is present in other Samsung phones in this category. Even the recently announced Galaxy S20 eats FE, and it is less than this note at 699,699- $ 300. One thing that can add value to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the faster and more accurate screen ultrasonic (as opposed to optical) fingerprint sensor.

The screen is 6.7 inches, and I think it is a great size for a Note style phone. It is big enough to expand, but not big enough to make the entire phone heavy. It also has a full flat display. The bezels around it are slightly larger but still very small. I think it is worth trading for a slightly less casual touch.

Galaxy Note 20 camera

Apart from the screen size, the biggest performance difference between the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the Note 20 Ultra is in the camera system. The Note is 20 wide and has 12 megapixels for ultraviolet and 64 megapixels for telephoto with some standard sensors.

At 64 megapixels, Samsung can use its sensor crop trick to enable 30-sensor zoom. Unfortunately, those moves are not dependent on 30X, but I think they perform better than average on 10X. Instead of focusing on the NADRA 30X, Samsung should find a way to emphasize these medium zoom limits. Set to make people happy, don’t be disappointed.

As for the main sensor, it is similar to Samsung’s S20 phone this year. In terms of detail capture, it is similar to other flagship phones in Bilopark, though I still think Samsung will make their photos look great and the vibration will be reduced to two pieces.

I actually prefer the Ultra-12 megapixel sensor over the very high resolution sensor in Samsung’s initial effort. The same goes for the video: it is expected from the Galaxy S20. No surprise, but predictive cameras have an undeniable feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20


Galaxy Note 20 has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor and benchmarks as other top-of-the-phones with the same chipset. It has 8 GB of RAM (compared to 12 GB of Note 20 Ultra) and 128 GB of non-expandable storage.

The software is similar to the Note 20 Ultra. This means that Android 10 has a lot of Samsung features. The Note 20 supports wireless wireless deck connectivity to insert your TV like a PC. To transfer Microsoft files and receive notifications from your phone to your Windows PC. And out-of-note features such as the S-Pen as a camera trigger or to remotely run the phone’s UI with air gestures.

Galaxy Note 20 is still all 5G variants used in the US. I compared it to the Galaxy S 20+ on T-Mobile’s network and found that the performance was effectively the same, which is good news, as the Galaxy S 20+ has excellent performance. Both phones showed 11–15 mm ping and achieved over 500 Mbps on T-Mobile’s mid-band 2.5GHz 5G network in New York. The performance of 4G is similar to other recent Samsung flagships, with 7 carriers plus all of which can take advantage of the latest 4G network features of all carriers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20