Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE price, review, design, specifications and competition

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE price and competition

This is difficult to understand, as it completely underpins the new Galaxy S20 FE and even the Galaxy S20. In an effort to harmonize its category, Samsung has recently cut prices. 44,999 and Rs. 48899 (plus bank offer) for 128GB and 256GB variants. This will undoubtedly upset early adopters, less than two weeks after the first sale of the Galaxy S20F. As far as offering value for money to consumers, it is hardly the most conducive environment for advertising a model with more humble features.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE design

The Galaxy S20FE fits in with its other series models. It has the same basic proportions, but interestingly, thanks to its 6.5 inch screen, it is larger than the Galaxy S20. The 128GB version of this phone is available in five colors, ranging from bold cloud red and cloud navy to ultra-soft pastel cloud mint and cloud lavender, as well as neutral cloud white.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

The rounded edges of the rear panel make the Galaxy S20 EF much easier to hold, and the non-slip structure is greatly appreciated. You don’t have to worry about fingerprints at all, but they can be seen even after a slight blur. You will not find anything in the box of this phone.

The airspace is so narrow that it can hardly be seen. The front camera is embedded right in the middle of the upper part – it is quite small but it is not only a bit annoying but also because it is surrounded by a very silver color. Samsung will ship this phone with a pre-installed screen protector, and one of my review units was misnamed.

Samsung dropped its dedicated boxy button and I don’t remember it at all. Two Nano SIMs or a Nano SIM and a MicroSD card can be found in the top tray.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE specifications and software

It has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of storage, as well as support for up to 1 TB microSD card using a hybrid slot. The battery capacity is 4500mAh and wireless charging is available in both directions.

Screen resolution

There is always a mode on mode that is disabled by default. A pleasant surprise is the 120 Hz refresh rate, although there is no way to dynamically activate it – either it is 60 Hz or 120 Hz all the time. One functionality is to enable power savings, which will change the refresh rate along with many other settings depending on your usage pattern.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE display

As expected, there is no interruption in switching to the One UI interface and multitasking between apps. Thanks to the high refresh rate panel, as well as capable SOC and large amounts of RAM, the Galaxy S20 FE felt uncomfortable. The fingerprint sensor and face recognition on these displays are not as fast as I would like them to be, but this should not be a big deal. This is a type of phone that you will be more happy using for everyday apps and tasks.

The screen is crisp and vibrant. In addition to the attractive camera hole, videos and games look great. The stereo speakers of this phone help with the feel, which seems quite balanced.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Gaming test

Modern games including Call of Duty Mobile and Asphalt 9: Legend were completely smooth on their default graphics quality settings. However, the upper part of the Galaxy S20FE was heated up just five minutes after the game. It became a bit restless during the long season of the game.

battery life

Battery life was not particularly impressive. I was able to pay to use the whole day, but I didn’t expect much. Using the bundled charger, I managed to get 17% in 15 minutes and 61% in an hour.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE camera

Given the extent to which Samsung emphasized camera quality as a defining feature of the Galaxy S20 family, it will be interesting to see how this low-cost model fits. Samsung’s single tech composition tool, Pro Mode, Food Mode, Night Mode, Direct Focus for Steels and Video, Slow Motion and Super Slow Motion and Hyperlap. If you are ever bored with the default options, you can download additional filters or create your own based on the color profile of any image. The visual optimizer feature is on by default and will display a shortcut to quickly activate Night Mode if necessary.

The Galaxy S20FE focused on quick and good thoughts during the day. The colors were dazzling, sometimes much visible. The shots were sharp and the subjects were well appreciated. The description of objects in the distance was also quite good. The close-up shots were excellent, presenting minute detail very well and a very pleasant natural depth of field.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Video quality

Regarding video, the Galaxy S20FE managed to get smooth 1080p footage with all three cameras during the day. Whether standing, panicking, or walking, the video looked good and there was no cut. In 4K, movement was slightly less smooth, especially with telephoto cameras. The low-light video shoot with the primary camera was quite good, but the quality was compromised by the telephoto and wide-angle camera. 4K was a noticeable judge when running during recording, and the stability of antiques in 1080p was also an issue. You can switch between cameras during recording, and the changes are smart.

Final opinion

With low prices and 256GB storage options, those who placed the initial order or hastily bought the Galaxy S20 FE are quite annoying. The biggest problem is that Samsung is now selling a lot more Galaxy S20 +, which is similar to the Galaxy S20FE. No matter how good the new phone looks or how good it is, Samsung offers itself strong competition as long as the prices remain where they are.