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Sunstrike Rage Swift review, price, gaming, software and camera

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How much will Android smartphone prices fall? Of late, we have seen that smartphones have a glitter that costs Rs. 3,000 game play, Android KitKat. One of them is Sunstrike Rage Swift. Sun Strike has been making phones under the label ‘ke rage’ for some time and recently the company has attracted the attention of Indian buyers. Rage Swift runs on Android 4.4.2 and has low-end features.

Look and feel

We are so used to reviewing big phones that Sunstrike Rage Swift seems to be less than that. The dimensions of this phone are 119 x 62.4 x 11 mm and it fits comfortably in our palms. The entire body is made of plastic and has an oily texture which makes it difficult to hold. However, after using the equipment for the review period, we find that given the price of the contract, the quality of the building is adequate and we really have no complaints.

The 3.5-inch screen is surrounded by large bezels. The back button has three dots that resemble an arrow and sits to the left of the square home button. To the right of the home button is a dotted line icon that represents the menu function. Below the button is a wedge-shaped design element. One can find a front-facing camera and an airfield at the top of the screen. The hardware buttons for power / wake and volume are to the right of Ridge Swift. There is a 3.5 mm jack for audio and a micro USB port at the top.

The back of the phone is ugly, especially the lower half, which has holes for the speaker. It has no integrated design and the speaker grille stands out like a thumb. The primary camera has a light bump at the back and a flash below it. On opening the back, you can find the battery, two slots for the SIM card and a microSD card slot.

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Sunstrike Rage Swift

Specifications, software and camera

Actually. , As we expected and you did, the explanations are less conclusive. This phone has a very unknown single core Spreadtrum SC7715 processor with 1 GHz and only 256MB of RAM. There is 512MB of internal storage, out of which only 145MB is available for users. You can forget to install large applications on this device. Thankfully the phone supports a microSD card, which can increase the storage space to 32 GB, which is sufficient for most users.

It is one of the cheapest phones to use 3G networks, and we are glad that sunscreen decided to take that route. Providing juice for the phone is a 1600mAh battery.
The 3.5-inch screen has a QVGA (320×480) resolution. It has the same resolution as the original iPhone which was released in 2007. There is no fancy protective layer on top of this screen and its quality is better than average. It shows a muted color and is dizzy most of the time. Until someone sees the head of the screen, it is washed away.

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The USP of this phone is that it runs Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) externally, thanks to Google’s move to improve Android’s work on low-grade devices. Sunstrike’s skin is running on the OS and square icons with chicken edges are reminiscent of Nokia’s implementation of Nokia N8 Symbian Ballet. This skin can be changed using the Theme Manager app and there is only one other option. Icons are very different from stock Android icons and we had a difficult time with the Play Store. Also, the 320×480 resolution in the Play Store scales awkwardly on screen, and we showed some neutrals (depicted in the screenshot). There are also some preloaded third party apps like Time of India Mobile App, OLS and Opera Money.

Sunstrike Rage Swift

The software has been improved to run smoothly on Ridge Swift, which it does most of the time. Unfortunately, 256MB of RAM is not enough, and we had trouble closing the launcher or closing the application automatically. At one point, we created a folder for several applications, and after restarting we noticed that the folder was empty and would not open yet. Using the keyboard on this phone is a difficult task and those who have thick fingers will not find this device suitable. What’s more, using this phone was a really slow and frustrating experience.

Both of our graphics tests failed. Ann Tattoo and Quadrant benchmarks returned disappointing scores of 6,277 and 1,860 respectively. Again, this is just what we should expect from such a low priced phone. We made a lot of videos with low expectations and the phone shocked us. It did not play any of our 1080p videos but it played all 720p perfectly. If we feel that the screen is not really suitable for watching videos, then when it comes to pushing, Sunstrike Rage Swift can count on it to work.