Technology meets aesthetics: Online Launch of New MSI Notebooks with 11th Gen Intel H-Series Processors

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MSI, a leading laptop manufacturer, hosted an online showcase “Missiology: Technology meets aesthetics,” which featured new products for gamers and creative professionals. These high-performance devices feature 11th Gen Intel® H-series processors and graphics cards up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX ™ 3080 for notebooks, as well as leading-edge interfaces including Pie Gen4, Thunderbolt ™ 4 and Wi-Fi 6. The products include MSI-exclusive features such as “discrete graphics mode”, high-speed LCD panels such as 360Hz FHD panel and 240Hz QHD panel.

Technology meets aesthetics

MSI regularly surprises viewers by choosing a theme for their presentations. This time we drew inspiration from museums – after all, it was in antiquity that aesthetic ideas appeared, which everyone is still inspired by. “The origins of modern art theory date back to the 14th century, when Renaissance artists began to emphasize the importance of technological progress, so beauty was the result of precise calculation,” Derek Chen, Director of Sales and Marketing for MSI Notebooks, began his welcome speech. Guest celebrities shared their thoughts on the combination of technology and aesthetics: Emmy-winning producer Nate Heck and Oscar-nominated animator Ru Kawabata.

Creator Z16: aesthetics of modern technology

The Creator Z16 flagship laptop was unveiled on a stage designed around the Golden Ratio concept, a reference to its 16:10 aspect ratio display. The if Design Award-nominated design will appeal to everyone who appreciates unique and sophisticated pieces. The laconic moon-gray aluminum case is 16 mm thick – the perfect embodiment of the idea of modern practicality.

“The Z16 aims to give the user everything from speed, color accuracy, interfaces and battery life – while the laptop itself weighs only 2.2 kg!” – enthuses Linus Sebastian, host of YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips. The laptop display follows the golden ratio, with a 16: 10 aspect ratio screen with QHD + resolution providing an additional 11% screen real estate compared to conventional widescreen solutions. Color fidelity is important to multimedia content, which is why the Creator Z16 supports MSI True Pixel technology to enhance the reproduction of every hue. The laptop display is factory calibrated and fully complies with the DCI-P3 color gamut.

The simplicity of design does not negate the complexity of the configuration. The Creator Z16 uses the most advanced components, including an 11th Gen Intel processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics for laptops, so its performance is significantly improved over the previous generation of devices – by as much as 40% when rendering 3D animation. Stability under high loads is guaranteed by the exclusive Cooler Boost Trinity + cooling system. The high-speed platform is complemented by the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless module, which has three times the bandwidth of Wi-Fi 5.

We offer many configurations, among which every professional will be able to find their ideal platform for creativity, ”- said Derek.

It is a great choice for all creative professionals looking for a powerful work tool with a large, high-quality 4K screen.

The more affordable Creator M16 has a 16-inch display with a brightness of 500 cd / m2, which is 66% higher than most conventional laptops. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:10, so the user has more space for creativity.

Katana / Sword GF and Pulse GL: video game heroes

There were even more surprises in the second half of the presentation. It opened with a battle between a white swordsman and a fighter in black – under the blows of the blades, the scene was transformed into a fantastic gaming arena. MSI always strives to make its gaming products not only powerful, but also beautiful, emphasizing their gaming character with stylish decorative elements developed in collaboration with leading designers.

This time around, MSI notebooks are inspired by Tsuyoshi Nagano, a renowned master of illustration who has worked on projects such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Nobunaga’s Ambition. The Katana GF76 and GF66 hulls feature traditional blade and armor elements. With such a weapon, the gamer will feel confident in any battle!

The aggressive nature of gaming laptops is emphasized by the red backlighting of the keyboard. For sophisticated aesthetes, MSI also offers models in white Sword 17 and Sword 15 with blue backlit keyboard.

Behind the traditional warriors came the warrior of the future with the futuristic Pulse GL series. The Pulse GL76 and GL66 have been designed in collaboration with Maarten Verhoeven, renowned digital artist and Brush world champion.

With laser engravings and a durable titanium gray chassis, the Pulse GL is the power of computing. “Like a high-tech combat armor with impulse weaponry, the Pulse GL delivers the power you need to play games,” described Clark Peng, vice president of product management for MSI’s laptop division.

The Katana GF is 25% faster in gaming performance, making it a great choice for casual gaming.

Within the framework of the presentation, internal details were also revealed. In particular, MSI specialists are committed to updating the cooling system responsibly. “The comparatively thin 2.4cm chassis offers impressive cooling with up to two fans and six heat pipes. The improved ventilation of the new generation of laptops reduces temperatures under maximum load. This is also facilitated by the improved design of the heat pipes, the walls of which are 33% thinner, ”says Linus Sebastian.

GE Raider, GP Leopard and GS Stealth: Gaming Laptops Take Performance to the Next Level

All MSI premium gaming laptops have received updated configurations. In particular, the GE76 Raider now boasts the latest CPU and GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card for laptops with thermal pack up to 165 W – the maximum filling of this class of laptops.

Intel representatives expressed satisfaction that their new 11th generation H-series processors have found their way into enthusiast notebooks. “Tiger Lake H is a truly high performance platform for the enthusiast user.  It is great to see that MSI is using this opportunity to unleash the full speed potential of advanced graphics cards and SSD bootable RAID arrays, ”said Chris Walker, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Client Platforms at Intel.