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Telegram: These five simple tips and tricks related to Telegram, you will not know

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The number of users of Telegram app in the country is continuously increasing. Many people consider it a good alternative to WhatsApp. Even after the announcement of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, people are turning to Telegram. If you have already switched to Telegram and started using Telegram, then there are some tips and tricks to increase your message experience.

Enable secret chat
In telegram, you can use the great feature of secret chat. With this feature you can make any chat a secret. This chat cannot be forwarded. Also, if the other person takes a screenshot of it, you will get its notification. You can set a timing in this chat after which that chat will be deleted automatically. With this feature you can make your conversation safe. Secret chat can be one to one. It does not work in groups.

To start a secret chat, select the person with whom you want to start a secret chat. Tap on the top bar of the users information> click on the three dot menu that appears on the right side. > Select Start Secret Chat option and tap on Start. This will invite your contact for secret chat.

Stop adding to group
Telegram gives you control of who can add you to groups, so no one can add you to a group without your permission. To enable this feature, go to Settings and click Settings> Privacy and Security> Groups> My Contacts> Never Allow.

Broadcast the message through the channel

You can broadcast public messages to people through a large group using the channel. Unlike the group, there is no limit to add people to the channel. Messages sent to the channel go in the name of the channel instead of the person’s name.

Delete message
You can also delete messages sent by other users in Telegram. This is for users who give priority to privacy. To delete the received message, select the message> tap on the delete button> Also delete for XYZ> tap on Delete. This will ensure that the message is also removed from the sender’s device.

Lock chat
Telegram also allows its users to lock their chat with end-to-end encryption. To enable the passcode lock feature on your Telegram account, go to Settings and then enable it by going to Settings> Privacy and Security> Passcode Lock. After the passcode lock feature is enabled, you can lock and unlock your chat by tapping on the lock icon in the top right of the app.

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