Telegram's founder told iPhone to get old phone, said - can't compete with Android

Telegram’s founder told iPhone to get old phone, said – can’t compete with Android

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Pavel Durov, founder of instant messaging app Telegram, believes that Android phones are better than the iPhone. According to Durov, the iPhone is still stuck in the old times, while Android keeps on making new changes and giving better features to its users. Not only this, he has described people using iPhone as ‘Apple’s digital slave’. Durov said this while sharing a link to a New York Times article on his Telegram channel. In this article, Apple’s relations with China have been accused of ‘large scale censorship and surveillance by Apple on behalf of China’.

Durov also said, “The iPhone makes people ‘Apple’s digital slaves’. The Communist Party of China supports its monopoly thinking. Today, due to Apple, it also relies on the apps and data of its citizens who depend on the iPhone.” Controls. ” The special thing is that the Telegram app was first launched only for iOS. It was launched in the year 2013 for Android users.

Apple specializes in selling old-fashioned hardware at high prices

According to Durov, “Apple is well aware of promoting its business model. It specializes in selling old-time hardware to its associated customers at high prices.” He also said, “Whenever I use his iOS app on my iPhone, I feel as though I have reached an old age. In Android phones you get a display that works on 120Hz, so that the animation is very smooth Let’s go. That’s where Apple still works on the 60Hz display and it can never compete with Android. “

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