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In this article we are trying to say Thank you to coronavirus helpers. As we all know that 2020 was the most disturbing year in human history. Many people lost their loved ones and their jobs. Some of them have to shut down their businesses and all this happened due to lockdown in the majority of the countries of the world due to this pandemic. In this difficult time when everyone is trying to save their lives, there are some other people as well who were stood by the country to save the lives of other people without thinking about themselves. They were fulfilling their responsibilities and many of them have lost their lives while saving others.

In this article, we will discuss the best possible way to say thank you to coronavirus helpers who were the real heroes who helped the people in this risky, scary, and dangerous pandemic.

We have gathered the best ways by implementing on which you can say thank you to coronavirus helpers and workers.


Thank you to coronavirus helpers

1. Display sign of “Thank you to the coronavirus helpers”:

In this challenging time, there were the people like farmers, first responders, pharmacists, mail carriers, delivery drivers, journalists, healthcare workers, factory workers, civil service employees, etc. were working day and night to keep us informed, healthy, and safe and tried their best to give us normal life during this pandemic in the best possible way.

Proudly express your thoughts about these people by giving them appreciation and write thank you note to coronavirus helpers by displaying the sign near their, shops, hospitals, etc. to show gratitude towards them.

2. Use hashtag #thankyoucoronavirushelpers on social media:

Social media is the best medium to spread your words in the least time. Nowadays everyone uses social media platforms. Hashtags are the most liked topics that are trending on particular platforms. By making a group of friends and using the hashtag #thankyouhelpers or #thankyoucoronavirushelpers you can thank them for the people who made our lives easy and protected during this coronavirus pandemic. Who else doesn’t want to thank them? Right. So what are you waiting for? Go for it and say thank you to our real-life heroes.

3. Keep Yourself Healthy:

All the people working tirelessly in different departments from the very first day of this severe pandemic till now. The best thing you can do for them to stay healthy. By taking healthy diets that were told by the doctors and health officials. If we keep ourselves healthy there will be fewer chances of our body to affect by this virus and hence it will result in fewer chances for our doctors and people working in other departments to suffer less.

4. Follow Rules imposed by the Government:

You can also say thank you to coronavirus helpers by following the rules that are imposed by Government. Follow social distancing guidelines to keep 6ft distance between two persons and so on. Practice good hand hygiene daily to slow down the tide of a virus. So stay at home and go out if it is necessary. Don’t roam without any important reason. These guidelines include people of all ages from kids to teenagers, from bachelors to old. Anyone can carry and spread the disease to others unknowingly that will increase in the case of coronavirus rapidly.

5. Give charity to Coronavirus Relief Fund:

Last but not least, you can also say thank you to coronavirus helpers by giving more charity to coronavirus relief funds. It will help them to buy more vaccinations, ventilators, and other necessary items to fight back against this virus. You can give money to any coronavirus relief fund that is available near you and can contribute according to your budget. By doing such a great act you will be able to thank you to helpers.

Google Doodle say thank you to Coronavirus Helpers:

This is a great contribution from google to say thank you to coronavirus helpers. Google Doodles is a platform where Google made surprising and sometimes instinctive changes that makes the google logo differ to celebrate anniversaries, holidays and to give tribute to the lives of famous artists, pioneer, and scientists.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect communities people around the world are coming together to help each other more than ever before. Google has launched a Doodle series to give honor to those people who spent their day and nights to save the lives of thousands of people around the globe.

“Likewise with the entirety of our Doodles, we trust the series will allow helpers everywhere to feel seen, heard, and esteemed and for everyone to recall there will be a light toward the end of what could feel like a long dark way,” Jessica Yu, the Doodle Team Lead wrote in a blog post, winding down a fourteen-day exceptional doodle series.

Even though institutes have been shut and constrained most students to remain at home, numerous teachers have not been relieved of their obligations as online classes proceed around the world. The doodle featured an instructor wearing glasses, a blue mortarboard, and an outfit who is conveying a lecture through video conferencing while wearing a mask to feature the importance of following guidelines.


Still, our coronavirus helpers are on the frontlines and struggling from the pandemic that is spreading fast around the world. Without worrying about themselves they are standing in the path of the virus. Doctors, transporters, pharmacists, technicians, nurses, teachers, etc. are accomplishing their responsibilities to give the best possible life to our accessible population.

Let’s stand together to say thank you to coronavirus helpers and give them immense appreciation to let them know how much we value their commitment and services.

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Thank you coronavirus helpers


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