The history of the Honda Gold Wing motorcycle and new technologies in 2022

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In mid-October 1974, an exhibition of motor vehicles opened in Cologne.  One bike, however, was a real hit, and that was the Honda GL1000 Gold Wing, which set out to write a new chapter in motorcycle history.

Despite the success of the revolutionary CB750, Honda was not going to stop there. Therefore, in 1972, the company set up a research and development department to create an entirely new flagship motorcycle. Japanese designer Shoichiro Irimajiri was chosen as the project manager. His experience and success in two and four wheel racing has enabled him to combine the best technologies from both motorcycle and automotive design schools. In 1975.

a four-stroke liquid-cooled engine was introduced for the first time on a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. The “flat” four of the boxer engine propelled the bike through a driveline. The motorcycle had many interesting features, including a removable Kickstarter lever hidden inside the bumper.

Harley-Davidson models dominated the U.S. touring motorcycle market at the time. Regardless of existing reliability issues, brand loyalty ensured market dominance over alternatives such as the expensive BMW R90/6 and the exotic Moto Gazzi Eldorado. was a walk in the park.

Then, five years later, with a few updates, Honda released the GL1100 Interstate, which completely changed the game. In 1980, six years after the Cologne show, the Gold Wing Interstate became the first mass-produced Japanese factory motorcycle to be presented in full touring garb, taking it to a whole new level.

With the introduction of the Honda Gold Wing in 1975, it redefined the concept of touring motorcycles. And nearly 50 years later, the Gold Wing remains the benchmark for all other touring bikes.

The 2022 Honda Gold Wing is the epitome of luxury in the comfort travel motorcycle class.


Never one to sit back and rest on its laurels, in 2018 the manufacturer completely updated its kilometer-guzzling grand tourer.
The effect achieved as a result of the update was simply stunning for a motorcycle that was already at the forefront of the luxury two-wheeled touring segment.

Today’s 2022 Gold Wing family is lighter, faster and more fuel efficient. Its handling has also been improved, and the equipment has become even more luxurious. Its power plant with a capacity of 123 hp. at just 5500 rpm it is already classically similar to a turbine. The 1833cc flat-six engine delivers sportier output across a wide range of torque.

as well as the throttle by wire control system, which allows you to select four driving modes. Radical new double-wishbone front forks and a Pro-Link rear shock deliver class-leading, smooth and predictable suspension performance. Together with the real weight savings (36.3 kg lighter than the 2018 model), these changes are worthy of a curb weight of 383.3 kg. As you might expect, improvements in ergonomics, accessibility of information and entertainment systems say one thing: wherever you go, you will enjoy a first-class ride.

For 2022, Honda offers four modifications of the GL1800. The Gold Wing Tour is currently the only model to offer a 6-speed manual transmission with a reverse mode. By comparison, the Tour DCT, Tour Airbag DTC, and Gold Wing DCT all feature Honda’s revolutionary 7-speed automatic transmission. In addition, each of the three DCT models offers a Walking mode for forward and reverse movement, making parking problems a thing of the past.

Starting uphill on a conventional motorcycle involves simultaneously engaging the clutch, adding gas and releasing the brakes. To help make this easier, the Gold Wing is equipped with Hill Start Assist (HSA), which prevents the bike from rolling back in those critical seconds from releasing the brakes to stepping on the gas. HSA is now standard on all models. With a sleeker, somewhat futuristic look and polished handling, the 2022 Gold Wing is by far the leader in luxury road bikes.

What does the newest Gold Wing bring?

The list of high-tech assistance systems on the latest GL1800 is more than impressive. These range from safety features, including a tire pressure sensor and hill-start assist, to multi-channel Bluetooth connectivity. When it comes to connectivity, Gold Wing becomes another industry leader with the introduction of “Apple Carp lay”.

Now owners can connect to almost any smartphone on the market, be it iPhone or Android. Pairing up to three Bluetooth devices for simultaneous use is easy. An informative video guides you through each step with ease.

The same goes for the audio system and navigation system. Updating a motorcycle’s software may seem like a daunting job for a technician, but once again, Honda’s explainer video will walk you through the entire process step by step. The last video is especially helpful as the Gold Wing boasts its own navigation software.

although you can of course use the satellite navigation system directly from your smartphone. In addition, the system is equipped with a gyrocompass, which means that it will not get lost even in tunnels. As a plus, it also comes with ten years of free map updates. Riding the ultimate touring bike will definitely be much better if you use it to its full potential. Honda videos will reassure you that you are on the right track.
Honda Gold Wing: What’s New for 2022?

Throttle by wire control paves the way for four ride modes and selectable torque control (HSTC). Looking under the skin, you can see the latest generation die-cast aluminum frame. Suspension upgrades, using a double-wishbone front suspension, moved the engine forward by 13 pounds.

In 2022, Honda’s Grand Tourer will be available in four models. Starting with the base model, the Gold Wing Automatic DCT transitions from a manual transmission to the DCT, Honda’s legendary 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. This model is available in Matte Blue Nightshade and features contrasting red engine trim.

Next comes the Gold Wing Tour. This model is the only one in the Gold Wing line to offer a 6-speed manual transmission. In addition, the Tour is available in Ultra Blue Metallic and Metallic Black.
The third model is the automatic DCT Gold Wing Tour.