The World Around the Laptop: Five Years of Huawei Laptops

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Currently, one third of the world’s population uses Huawei products and services.  But many of the popular now devices Huawei began to release relatively recently.  The Huawei Mat eBook series was first presented at Mobile World Congress only in 2016. And in this short period, the novice manufacturer managed to create products that became popular all over the world and competed with laptops of the well-deserved giants of the industry. About how the company conquered and changed the laptop market, about innovative solutions and what a laptop is for a modern person – in the material “”.

Laptops with smartphone function

By 2016, Huawei has already become one of the world’s telecommunications giants, gaining fame, first of all, as a manufacturer of smartphones. Many experts were skeptical about Huawei’s desire to enter the laptop market. In this area, competition is always high, while profits, on the contrary, are low, and new technologies are being introduced slowly.

However, by that time the company had already accumulated successful experience in the production of mobile devices, which were becoming more and more popular from model to model. Therefore, the engineers decided not only to create a new interesting product, but also to revive the market as a whole with their ideas.

So the Mat eBook series laptops have received the most popular characteristics of smartphones: a thin and stylish case with a frameless screen, an eye protection mode, a display working surface of up to 91 percent, as well as fingerprint activation and unlocking, fast charging with a universal cable.

To link laptops with other Huawei branded devices into a unified ecosystem, Huawei Share technology was developed. It opens up endless possibilities for instant data transfer. One touch is enough – and a projection of mobile applications and access to the smartphone memory appears on the wide screen of the Mat eBook. You can chat in instant messengers, receive calls or edit photos without picking up your phone.

For laptops of this series, an unconventional 3: 2 aspect ratio was chosen, due to which more information fits into one scroll.

As a result, the company managed to interest consumers both in the world and in Russia with a successful combination of price and quality. Today, this is the argument that dominates 65 percent of buyers of the democratic Huawei Mat eBook D product line. This year, surpassing Apple for the first time, Huawei has become the most popular and beloved laptop brand in China. And in Russia, according to the results of last year, the company entered the top five leaders in notebook sales.

You can take it with you

A study conducted by Huawei for the release of the new Mat eBook 14 demonstrates that a new way of working – at a distance, generational change and the introduction of new technologies – has led to a radical transformation of the perception of the work environment. Today professionals value, first of all, the choice of the operating mode.

67 percent of professionals prefer to work outside the office. 23 percent of respondents say that they only need a laptop to work. Moreover, it is important that it is convenient to take it with you. Almost half of the women surveyed wished that the laptop could be used in any position, including lying down.

Most respondents value the type and power of the processor, as well as the amount of built-in and RAM in a laptop. More than a third – look at the diagonal of the screen, and every fifth – at its resolution and matrix. At the same time, for 26 percent of men, a video card is important, and for 22 percent of women, battery life is important.

As a result, thanks to a developed understanding of the needs of the target audience, five years of successful experience in the laptop market and an expanded product line, Huawei was not only able to take into account the maximum wishes of professionals when developing the Mat eBook series, but also compiled a device guide for different target groups.

Huawei Mat eBook Laptop Series

This year, the brand presented several notebooks in Russia at once in a corporate design and with increased performance, but targeted at various user groups.

So, Huawei Mat eBook 14 in a metal case should be of interest to young professionals. It has a cool 2K screen with sharp pictures, natural colors and wide viewing angles. Its thickness is only 15.9 millimeters, and its weight is 1.49 kilograms. With long-term use, the anti-blue / flicker mode reduces eye strain.

Plus, the Mat eBook 14’s smart power-saving feature keeps it busy for extended periods of time, with an 11-hour battery life.

The professional laptop Huawei Mat eBook X Pro 21 should appeal to lovers of the latest technology, top managers and IT experts.  The latest generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB LPDDR4X RAM, and up to 1TB SSD keep the laptop running quickly and smoothly under almost any circumstance.

The flagship model features a 3K edge-to-edge touchscreen that makes your laptop much easier and more productive. It is suitable for working with documents and spreadsheets, applications and the browser.

In addition, Huawei Mat eBook X Pro supports the Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard, which provides three times faster data transfer speed than devices with Wi-Fi 5. And this affects the ability to have a really fast Internet connection even in crowded places. It is worth noting that the laptop is quiet and does not heat up.

For students and those looking for a quality laptop at a reasonable price, the Huawei Mat eBook D 15 is an updated model of the hit Mat eBook D line. It has a spectacular display with thin bezels, one of the best on the market in its price category with a brightness reserve of 300 nits. and anti-reflective coating. It is comfortable to work on a laptop in cloudy weather and in bright sun. With an 11th Gen Intel® Core ™ processor, the device can process even large amounts of data quickly and easily.

The Huawei Mat eBook D 15 HD camera is built into the keyboard: opens and hides at the touch of a button. 2 watt surround sound through stereo speakers is controlled by smart algorithms. Simply put your finger on to turn on your computer safely. The device charges quickly: 15 minutes is enough for a two-hour operation. Modest weight and portability, traditional for Huawei laptops, allow this model to easily fit into a backpack.