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The World Cruise Story is a popular mobile public business simulation game with research and development by a Microsoft publisher. The game will take players from different parts of the world to meet guests, experience trade on luxury ships. With World Cruise Story, players will own a luxury ship and begin to get rich.

General Information

In World Cruise Story, you will have a luxury cruise ship compared to the Titanic. You will do everything in it. Your job is to manage the location of various facilities properly and interact with the passengers on the cruise ship to get high marks.

When you gain enough popularity, it will attract many celebrities to enjoy. Luxurious suites, first-class restaurants, various leisure activities, food catering, and quickly transform your cruise ship into a five-star floating paradise at sea.

Kairosoft is still an unknown treasure

Microsoft creates a series to follow and create their own image associated with simulated mobile games on these two popular mobile platforms.

But even after playing these games, you have not yet played all the products made by Microsoft. This is only 70% of the games released by Kairosoft. This is because as of now, Microsoft is still developing content for Japanese mobile companies such as Decomo or SoftBank.

Those games all follow the same types, which gives the same familiar flavor! Sports Expo and the Royal Gallery Academy. However, due to agreements with Japanese game providers, these games usually do not have English subtitles.

We hope they will translate these games into English. And this small studio will continue its way of making games to bring the game to us, but is still interesting together.
The World Cruise


The World Cruise Story is the traditional Game of Microsoft. Without precise details, but depending on the player’s choice, the game will give you a unique experience. Players need basic furniture on board, such as a reception basket, reception desk, and get ships.

After completing the original design, the player’s next task is to build an entertainment system, design, and green space for the ships. We can refer to the entertainment system as gyms and high-end restaurants. This shows that the simpler and more complete the player’s ship, the faster and more profitable it will attract tourists.

You can also hire employees to improve the quality of service on the board. Tourists onboard usually arrive from the three major countries of Japan, China and Germany. Another thing to note is that the needs and tastes of people coming from these countries will different. Therefore, to develop the right design on the board you need to rely on it because “the customer is an angel”.

With proper game design and scientific upgrade systems, Microsoft’s business games are always playful and stable. Generally, you cannot stop playing all night.

Simple to overcome the challenges, upgrade your cruise ship from simple guest room, fitness room to bar and library. There are not only economic barriers, but also space constraints. You must take every step slowly, and there is no hurry. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to add just a few luxury items. Correctly decorating your cruise ship with flowers and plants will give you lots of points.

The World Cruise

Finals word

Of course, you can understand that the uniqueness of Microsoft games lies in the fact that their simulation games often exploit things that seem familiar to gamers but eliminate real-world problems. These may include titles for manga artists, sports shops, galleries, management and Hot Spring service.

Thanks to this, Kerosoft Games is providing a casual experience, allowing gamers to temporarily immerse themselves in the small things of the day. World Cruise Story gameis a very interesting business simulation game. It won’t be hard, but it won’t disappoint you. Perhaps that’s why Cairo’s games are so exciting. For those who like to play fake trade games, this game is very beneficial for them.