These advanced gadgets will take care of your family's health and safety, know their features

These advanced gadgets will take care of your family’s health and safety, know their features

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Security has become a major concern for most of the people of the country. In this Corona period people have been forced to stay at home. However, due to this, people also got a chance to spend good time with their family. But there are many people who are stranded in different cities or countries and are unable to live with their families. Such people worry about the safety of their family. This concern can only be overcome by the use of technology at this time. Here we are telling you about some gadgets that will take care of your home and family safe and their health.

Wi-Fi cameras for the home
Until a few years ago, home cameras were the only device for recording footage. Today, homeowners want to protect their families with the most advanced home security cameras. With the development of technology, home cameras have also become cheaper. Modern smart cameras are Wi-Fi enabled and can be easily connected to a smartphone. One can monitor himself from anywhere at any time and also get live feed. Any person can keep an eye on anyone while leaving the house and while out of the house. That’s why you can install Wi-Fi security cameras in your homes.

Digital Locks
Nowadays there is a fear of theft in big cities, especially when there are children and old parents at home, everyone is worried about them, but still their safety No special work is done for them, although normal locks give some degree of protection, but safety is not of a level that can be trusted. According to the ‘Har Ghar Safeguard Report 2020’ prepared by Godrej Locks based on the opinion of the police forces of India, 65 per cent of the police personnel are estimated to increase the burglary in homes once the lockdown is completely lifted. So in such a situation, digital locks can remove your tension to a great extent. 

UV sanitizing
Smartphones and other gadgets are used regularly and in this corona virus epidemic they have to be touched again and again, due to which the risk of infection remains. In this case you can use UV sanitizing.  The rays of the UV Sanitizing Case kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses from a device in a matter of minutes. Apart from Godrej, you will get UV sanitizing from many brands in the market.

Alarm System
You can install a home alarm system in your home for safety. This can help protect you against the risks of intrusion, whether you are at home or away. You will easily find alarm systems of many brands in the market. The range of these alarms comes with a cellular communicator, which allows the system to alert stored contacts. In case of any intrusion, you can also disable the panel. Its motion sensors activate the inbuilt siren.

Smart Lighting
You can use smart lighting in your home for safety. Having motion sensing lights at home can reduce surface contact with the switch-board. In addition, if there is unauthorized entry into a home, the motion sensing light can alert the owner to take action and warn the intruder from proceeding. Another easy way to see your home while you are away is to use smart lights that can be controlled remotely. You can keep the lights on in the evening, giving the impression of someone being in the house even when outsiders are away for a long time. This is a great way to ensure the safety and security of your family.

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