These apps can be a good option of WhatsApp in the country, know the features

These apps can be a good option of WhatsApp in the country, know the features

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WhatsApp Alternatives: There is a dispute about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. The company has not implemented it strictly at the moment. Users are seeing its notification. If they want, they can accept it. Many people are calling this privacy policy a threat to the safety of the people. In such a situation, millions of people in the country are searching for its options. In such a situation, you are telling about such a great app, which is being considered as an alternative to WhatsApp in the country. Their popularity is increasing every day.

Telegram is considered to be the best alternative to WhatsApp and the number of its users is constantly increasing. Due to the ongoing controversy over the new WhatsApp policy, millions of people have started using this app. This app is giving many great features, which are also better than WhatsApp. These include the scheduling of messages, the facility of editing sent messages, the ability to share files up to 1.5 GB and unlimited cloud storage.

Signal is being liked the most after WhatsApp and Telegram. Lakhs of people have been connected to this app in the last very short time. It is becoming quite popular these days and you can send photos, videos, audio, documents, links, emojis and stickers like WhatsApp. This app is also very good in terms of security and is winning the trust of the people.

Share chat
Share chat is also getting the benefit of WhatsApp’s contraption in a big way. There has been a rapid increase in the number of its users in the recent past. Many people are considering this app as a great alternative to WhatsApp. All its features are like WhatsApp and you can use it easily. People are giving positive feedback about this app.

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