Telegram has many tremendous features, know about them here

These apps can be a great option of WhatsApp in India, know the features

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new Delhi: Whatsapp is the most popular app in the world these days. The reason for this is the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, due to which there is a dispute around the world. Many people believe that this policy is not safe for their privacy and in such a situation, they are looking for other options. Today, we will tell you which apps in India can be a great alternative to WhatsApp. Apart from this, what are the unique features in them.


Telegram is emerging as the best alternative to WhatsApp in the country. The popularity of this app is continuously increasing. There are some of its features which are much better than WhatsApp. These include unlimited cloud storage, editing sent messages and scheduling messages. Apart from this, you can share files up to 1.5 GB from Telegram. This app is making new records these days.


The popularity of the Signal app is also increasing rapidly. Till now, there have been millions of users in India. It has all the features that work like WhatsApp. People believe that this is a very safe app. In this, apart from text, you can share photos, videos and documents. After WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, people are using this app.

These three features of WhatsApp are amazing, you can easily use them

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