Best prepaid plans of 84 days validity, Jio, Airtel and Vi are offering this offer

These are the best recharge plans for 1 year, the price will be less than 125 rupees a month

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Recharging the phone every day is also a big mess. In such a situation, people prefer to buy a recharge plan with long validity. If you are also looking for a plan in which you get rid of recharge every month, then we are telling you about such cheap recharge plans of Jio, Airtel and Vodafone (Vi), In which you will get 1 year validity at an affordable price. If you see by the month, then these plans will be very cheap for you. Their price will be less than 125 rupees. Know what other benefits you are getting in these plans.

1 year plan of Airtel – If you want to buy one year recharge of Airtel, then you will get many such plans. You can take a plan of 1498 rupees, it is getting 365 days validity. The monthly price of this plan will cost you 124.8. This plan will get 24GB data as well as free calling facility on any network. The plan offers a subscription of 3600 SMS, Airtel XStream App Premium, Unlimited Downloads, Free Helotunes and Free Wink Music.

1 year plan of Jio In Reliance Jio’s one year plan, you can buy a great plan of Rs 1,299. In this plan you will get 336 days i.e. 11 months validity. This plan costs you 118 rupees per month. Talking about its other benefits, you will get 24GB of data, after which the limit will be crossed to 64 Kbps. Apart from this, free calling on any network, 3,600 SMS and free subscription of Jio apps like Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio Sawan is also provided.

Vodafone Idea & nbsp; 1 Year Plan- If you are searching for a plan of Vodafone Idea & nbsp; in which you get 1 year validity, then you can buy a plan of Rs 1499. The validity of this plan is 365 days. If you look at the month by month, then you are getting this plan according to 124.91. In this plan, unlimited calling facility, 3600 SMS and 24 GB data is available on any network. Like other plans, Vodafone Idea is also giving you the facility to make unlimited calls.

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