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These features of WhatsApp will make the account more secure, activate them today

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Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp may have been in controversy regarding its privacy policy, but it has been provided with many such features that make your account safe. We are telling you some such settings of WhatsApp, through which your WhatsApp account will be absolutely safe. Let us know about these settings.

two-step verification
Users can further strengthen the security of their WhatsApp data by enabling WhatsApp’s two-step verification feature in their accounts. After activation of this feature, you will need a 6 digit passcode to log-in to your WhatsApp account when the phone is reset or SIM is changed.

WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp’s privacy settings give users the option to choose who can add them to WhatsApp groups. There are three options given in the app, which either allow for adding someone to the group or allow for saved contact list and particular contact list.

WhatsApp users can select which contacts can see their WhatsApp status. The status privacy feature can be accessed from the Settings section of the app and here users can choose to show their status in a specific contact list or limit it to saved contacts only.

Last Seen
The Last Seen privacy setting allows users to hide their last seen from others online. Under Settings, they can hide their Last Seen completely or set it to My Contacts.

Profile Photo
Like other options, WhatsApp users also get the option to hide it completely or limit it to My Contacts only.

There are three options under the About section. Users can either choose to show it to everyone, hide it completely or limit it to My Contacts only.

Fingerprint Lock
WhatsApp users on Android can set up a fingerprint lock, while new iPhone users have the option to use Face ID or Touch ID in the case of the iPhone’s physical screen button.

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