These gadgets can prove to be very useful in lockdown, starting from Rs 599

These gadgets can prove to be very useful in lockdown, starting from Rs 599

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Due to Corona, there is a lockdown in many states of the country, due to which people are doing office work from home, as well as schools and colleges are also closed due to which children are also taking online classes at home. In this report, we are telling you about some gadgets that can be very useful for you in this lockdown, as well as for those who do the work form. Let’s know.

Grooming Trimmer Kit
Shops are closed due to the lockdown. Even the salons are closed and the salons which are also open, no one goes there due to the fear of Corona. In such a situation, people can trim hair cut, shaving, beard at home. For this you will need a good Grooming Kit, if you are thinking of buying Value for Money Grooming Kit then you can buy Syska HT4500K Grooming Trimmer. It is a multipurpose kit that gets five extra attachments, in which you get nose hair trimmer, body groomer, 4 length beard trimmer and Precision trimmer which you can use according to your requirement. The trimmer comes with a self-sharpening stainless steel blade. It has a built-in LED indicator. Its price on the company’s website is Rs 1,799. This kit will prove to be very helpful for you in this lockdown and you will not have to go to salon.

table lamp
In this folkdown, you have to use the room’s rosini many times to work late at night, due to which many other people start having problems. In this case, you can buy a table lamp for yourself. Siska’s Lumidesk table lamp comes with 10W and can be a good option for your late night office work or reading. You can reduce its rosini 3 times or more. Its body is flexible, with the help of which you can do it up and down according to your own. It has used very good quality. A stand is also available in it. It takes 4-5 hours to be fully charged and on full charge it can run on DC mode for up to nine hours (medium light). It is with touch control. You can charge it with micro USB. The price of this table lamp is 899 rupees.

Extension cords
Now in this lock down, when everyone is working from home, in such a way, to charge the mobile or to charge the laptop, then extension cords are needed. The extension cords have several charging sockets, with the help of which you can charge multiple devices. Although you will find many extension cords in the market at this time, but SISCA’s (SSK-EBU-0302) ABS 3 Way Power Strip Extension cords are safe and powerful. It comes with 1.5W, has three universal sockets and two USB ports and is quite useful. It is completely safe. The price of this extension cords of Syska is 599 rupees.

Portronics 6 Port 8A Home Charging Station
If you have more than one such gadget that you need to charge again and again, you can buy the 6 port home charging station of Portronics UFO. It comes with 6 USB ports and offers 8A output. That is, you can charge up to 6 devices simultaneously. The quality of this UFO charging port is very good, which will support you for a long time. It avoids over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit. The Portronics POR 343 UFO Home Charger costs Rs. 694.

Multi card reader
This multi card reader supports memory cards of different formats. Its weight is also very light. This multi card reader coming in Rs 897 also supports mini SD cards. TRANSCEND Multi Card Reader: This lockdown requires multiple times to transfer data, and many important files, so you can keep a good card with you. By the way, you will get many options in the market but you can buy Transcend’s USB 3.1 multi card reader. It is very fast and works very well. It supports SDHC UHS-I, SDXC UHS-I, Micro SDHC UHS-I, Micro SDXC UHS-I, and UDMA7 compact flash memory cards. The price of this device is Rs 1,289.

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