These teams are the strong contenders to reach the semi-finals

These teams are the strong contenders to reach the semi-finals

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T20 World Cup: In the World Cup, 28 out of 42 i.e. 66% of the group stage matches have been held. There are still 14 matches left but which team is reaching the semi-finals is almost clearly visible. Let us also tell you who are the strong contenders for the semi-finals.

Group-1: England’s name is confirmed for the semi-finals. English players have won all their three matches in a one-sided fashion. They beat West Indies by 6 wickets with 35 balls to spare, beat Bangladesh by 70 balls and Australia by 8-8 wickets with 50 balls to spare. England has 6 points in 3 matches and the net run rate is also close to 4. Even in the event of losing the last two matches, England can reach the semi-finals on the basis of run rate.

Another strong contender from this group is Australia. The teams of Australia and South Africa have won 2-2 matches. South Africa’s run rate is better than Australia, but despite this, Australia’s chances of playing the semi-finals are high. This is because Australia’s last 2 matches are against Bangladesh and West Indies. The chances of winning against these two teams of Australia are high. On the other hand, South Africa has to play against England. Seeing the current form of England, it seems impossible to beat them.

Group-2: Pakistan’s semi-final ticket has almost been confirmed by defeating the group’s veteran teams (India, New Zealand). He has also defeated Afghanistan. In such a situation, it is decided to play the semi-finals of Pakistan from this group.

The second team from the group could be New Zealand. With the defeat of India, New Zealand has become a strong contender for the semi-finals. Although New Zealand are third in the group and Afghanistan is second but the chances of New Zealand winning in the head to head match are high. Here, Afghanistan also has a match with India, which will not be easy for the Afghan players to win. In this way, England-New Zealand and Pakistan-Australia clash can be seen in the semi-finals.

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