WhatsApp users get good news!  Now even after May 15, your account will not be deleted

These three apps can be a great option of WhatsApp, getting many unique features

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New Delhi: WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is among the most popular apps in the world. The company has decided to implement it from May 15. According to this policy, WhatsApp users will share data with their parent company Facebook. People are worried about this policy and are looking for alternatives to this app. If you too are thinking about the options of this platform, then you are telling about three best apps. These apps are making the experience of users better by giving them many unique features.

The best option of Telegram WhatsApp in India is emerging. Till now, crores of people have started using this app. After the announcement of the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, the popularity of this app has skyrocketed. It has many unique features. In this, you can send photos, videos, documents like WhatsApp. The special thing is that in this you can schedule your message. You can edit the sent message. You can share files up to 1.5 GB on this platform. Apart from this, you get unlimited cloud storage facility on Telegram.

The popularity of the Signal app is also increasing rapidly these days. This is proving to be the second option of WhatsApp in the country. In the last few months, crores of people have started using this app. In this app, you can share text, photos, videos and documents just like WhatsApp. Apart from this, you are getting many great features including emoji, stickers, which make the chat experience great.

Share chat
Share chat is also being liked a lot in the country these days. People are considering this app as an alternative to WhatsApp. It has many features like WhatsApp, which can be used easily. This app has crores of users in the country. This app is constantly updating its features. The popularity of this app is expected to increase in the coming days.

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