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These three apps can become the option of WhatsApp in India, know the features

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New Delhi Controversy is going on around the world about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. Many people believe that the new policy of the company is against their privacy. WhatsApp has clarified many times about this, but people are still worried about it. WhatsApp that this policy will come into effect from 15 May 2021. Those who do not accept this will have to delete their WhatsApp account. Many people have now started exploring the options of this app. Today, three such people are telling you about who can be a great alternative to WhatsApp in the country.


Ever since the new privacy policy of WhatsApp has been announced, the popularity of Telegram app in the country has grown very fast. In the last few months, crores of people have downloaded this app. This is a great app that is equipped with many unique features. In this app, you can send photos, videos, documents just like WhatsApp. In this, you can edit your sent messages, schedule messages and share files up to 1.5 GB. Apart from this, it has many great features that give a tough competition to WhatsApp.


Signal app WhatsApp’s second best option is emerging in India. Crores of people have started using this app. In this, you can share text, photos, videos and documents just like WhatsApp. Lakhs of people have liked this app in the last few months. The number of its users is continuously increasing.

Share chat

The Share Chat app can also be a great alternative to WhatsApp. This app has many features like WhatsApp that you can use easily. This app has crores of users in the country. Its popularity is continuously increasing and in the coming days it may become more popular.

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