This company sold the most 5G smartphones in India, know how much market share was there

This company sold the most 5G smartphones in India, know how much market share was there

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The world including India is emphasizing on smartphones with 5G connectivity. Many big companies are launching phones in this segment. You might be surprised to know that in the case of 5G network smartphone sales, the Chinese smartphone company Realme has won the number one title, leaving behind Apple, Samsung and OnePlus. According to Counterpoint’s report, Reality has been 23 percent in the June quarter. Let us know which companies earned how much in this quarter.

Got the title of number one like this
Chinese company Realme is popular for its budget and mid-range mobile phones and for this reason the company has achieved the first position in the 5G segment. There is a lot of demand for this segment in India. At the same time, now Realme has announced to launch 5G smartphone at a price of less than 10 thousand rupees.

Who is ahead in which segment?
According to the report of Counterpoint, Vivo has made a mark in the case of smartphones priced between 15 thousand and 20 thousand rupees. Apart from this, Samsung mobiles are bought at a price of 20 to 30 thousand rupees. If OnePlus phones are the most sold in 30 thousand mobiles.

Overall Xiaomi won
On the other hand, if we talk about maximum sales, then Xiaomi has won it. The company’s market share stood at 28.4 percent in the June quarter. At the same time, Samsung’s market share was 17.7 percent. Apart from this, the market share of Vivo was 15.1 percent. Realme’s was up to 14.6 percent and when talking about Oppo, it was 10.4 percent.

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