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This doctor is treating the eye with the camera of Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, know how

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America’s leading tech company Apple has launched its iPhone 13 series in the market. Amazing camera features have been given in its iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max smartphones. At the same time, a very interesting news has come out about its camera. In fact, recently an eye doctor (ophthalmologist) treated patients’ eyes using iPhone 13 Pro Max, after which his treatment is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

getting help in treatment
Eye expert (ophthalmologist) Dr. Tommy Korn used Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max for the treatment of eye patients. Using the macro mode given in this smartphone, the doctor captured the photos of the eyes of the patients and with the help of these pictures understood the medical conditions and diseases of the eyes well, this helped them a lot.

Treatment with ultra wide camera sensor
The ultra-wide camera sensor has been used for macro photography in the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max smartphone, which can click macro photos by going close to two centimeters of anything. Dr. Korn treated a patient through this whose cornea was transplanted. The doctor did the eye test of this patient with the camera of iPhone 13 Pro Max.

‘Better care’
Doctor Tommy Korn said that this week I am using iPhone 13 Pro Max for macro photos of the eyes. This is quite interesting. This will improve the patient’s eye care and telemedicine. He said that now let’s see how far this experiment goes.

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