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This feature of Twitter is amazing, tweet like this without typing

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Microblogging site Twitter started the voice tweet feature in the year 2020. Through this feature, users do not require typing to tweet, but with the help of this, users can tweet quickly on Twitter. Users can also add their text tweets as follow-ups after posting voice tweets on Twitter. Let us know how you can use this feature.

Tweet will be of so many minutes
Users can listen to these tweets instead of reading them. With this, not only the tweeter but the followers will also get a different experience. However, users can only post voice tweets of up to two minutes and 20 seconds in this. If a user records a post more than this timing, then this tweet will automatically be put in a thread.

Available for iOS users
This special feature of Twitter is currently available only for iOS users. At the same time, no information has been given about when it will be rolled out for Android users.
However, users on desktop, Android and other platforms will be able to listen to these tweets.

How to use this feature
To use this voice tweeter feature, first open the Twitter app on iPhone or iPad.
Now tap on Tweet Compose icon from the bottom right side.
To do so, now hit the ‘Wavelength’ voice tweet icon at the top of the keyboard.
After doing this the message will start recording.
When you’ve completed your message, tap .

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