This is how Google Meet can be used on laptop and PC, here's how to do it

This is how Google Meet can be used on laptop and PC, here’s how to do it

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Google’s video conferencing service Meet provides users with better calling facilities. With the help of this, about 100 people could make free calling for one hour, but recently it has been changed. Now only a few people can do video calling for 60 minutes. In this, users get free service to share screen, schedule and write captions in real time. But do you know how to use it on laptop and desktop? If not, today we will tell you about it.

Here is the whole process

To use Google Meet on laptop and desktop, first open a Google account in Google Chrome or Safari.
Now open Google Meet here and create a new meeting.
Here you will get three options, Create a new meeting, Start an instant meeting, Schedule in Google Calendar.
If you want to start the meeting immediately, then you have to click on Start an instant meeting.
Now whoever you want to have a meeting with here, you can do a meeting by adding them.

Find out which device is logged in to Gmail

To find out where the Gmail ID is logged in, you have to go to the Chrome browser.
Login here by entering your Gmail ID and Password.
Go to Gmail’s Settings.
Here you will see the option of Change Account Settings.
There will be another Google account setting in it, click on it.
A new window will open in front of you, tap on Security and click on Your Device.
Here you will see the devices on which your Gmail ID will be login.
From here you can logout of Gmail ID.

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