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This is how the difference between fake and real website will be found, use this feature of Google

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Nowadays, most things are being found online only. In such a situation, everyone’s website is also present, but in view of the increasing cases of cybercrime, you need to be very alert. Nowadays, cyber criminals are making people a victim of their cheating through fake websites. But if you work a little smartly, then you will be able to easily identify the fake and real website. For this, you can take the help of Google search.

Whenever you do some search, you have many options. In such a situation, one can get confused about which website is fake and which is original. But now Google is giving you a feature that you can easily find out. The name of this feature of Google is “About this result”. Google launched it in the US in February 2021. Google told that about this result applies to the search done in English all over the world. Know how you can use it.

How will it work
When you do some search on Google, a three dot button appears in the search result. If you click on it, the card of About this result will open. Here you will get information about the website, whose source will be Wikipedia. Here you can know how the site you want to see tells itself. The company is also working with Wikipedia for this.

Security information will also be available
With this feature of Google, you will also know whether this website is secure or not. Apart from this, you will also know that the link you want to read is not paid.

Will also give information about Fake Website

If you click on a fake website, Google’s about this result feature will also give you information about being fake. You will also know that the information about the website is not available on Wikipedia. Along with this, Google will also provide many other information. For example, when did Google first index this website, how does the website disburse itself, what other sources say about the website.

This feature is beneficial
If you are using any health, financial website then you will benefit greatly from using this feature. Apart from this, if you are searching on a new website, then you will get information about it. You can also get information about fake shopping websites.

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