This new trick of Facebook Messenger will make group video calls fun, use it like this

This new trick of Facebook Messenger will make group video calls fun, use it like this

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Facebook : Group video calls on platforms like Facebook Messenger have helped family and friends stay connected even while away during the COVID-19 pandemic. But over the past two years, group video calls have now become a routine thing, due to which users have started finding it a bit boring. Perhaps this is the reason why to make group video calls interesting again, Facebook has introduced a new feature called Facebook Messenger Group Effects.

What are Facebook Messenger Group Effects?

According to Facebook, “Group Effects are the new AR experience that can be enhanced all over a video call at the same time, providing another fun way to connect with friends and family.” “Whether you’re looking to step up your competitive game or just have fun with your distant friend, group effects make video calls more enjoyable,” the company said.

What Facebook Messenger users can do with Group Effects?
Facebook said that with Group Effects, Messenger users can play multiplayer interactions with their friends, making video calls a shared experience. The company said users will be able to choose from a library of more than 70 group effects, ranging from a game where they compete to make the best burger with a cute orange cat entering everyone’s screen.

Group Effects will also enable creators to bring their creative ideas to the Messenger video calling experience. “We’re excited to see how creators like Ross Wakefield, who designed the “Blow the Dandelion” effect, have expanded their creativity with Group Effects,” the company said.

How You Can Use Facebook Messenger’s Group Effects?
To use Group Effects, start a video call or create a room in your Messenger app, tap the smiley face to open the effects tray and select Group Effects.

Facebook also said that later this month, it will expand access to the new Spark AR Multipeer API to let more creators and developers build group effects.

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