Schedule your email like this, the receiver will get the mail on the specified date and time

Tips: From scheduling mail to blocking someone, know these handy features of Gmail

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We all know how useful Google’s mail service Gmail is to us. Mostly this is installed first in Android phones, only after that all the work is done. At the same time, from office to other work places, Gmail is used the most. Today we are going to tell you about some important features of Gmail. We will explain how to change Gmail password, how to schedule mail. Along with this, they will also tell that if someone is mailing you unnecessarily, then how can he be blocked.

How to Block on Gmail

First of all open your Gmail account.
Now open any mail of the e-mail id you want to block.
After doing this, now three dots will appear in the upper right side of the e-mail. Here you will see many options.
From these options, you have to select the Block option. Doing so will block the user.
On the other hand, if you want to unblock this ID again, then this step will have to be followed.

Schedule email like this on Gmail

To schedule mail, you have to first go to the compose option.
After this enter all the details in the mail
Along with the send button, click on the drop down button option.
Now select schedule send option.
Now select the date and time date on which you want to schedule the mail and tap on Schedule.

Change your password in Gmail like this

First open Gmail and go to Settings.
Now going to Settings, click on your email id.
Now click on Manage your Google Account here.
After doing this, go to the Security section at the top.
Here go to Signing in to Google option and click on Password.
Here you will be asked to sign in to your account.
After signing in you will have to enter a new password.
Now you can change the password by clicking on Change Password.

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