Tips: Hackers are trying to break into your data in these ways, follow these important tips to avoid them

Tips: Hackers are trying to break into your data in these ways, follow these important tips to avoid them

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Millions of users around the world are victims of hacking every day. Hackers are targeting users in many ways. In such a situation, it is very important to protect your phone from hackers. But the question is how to protect your smartphone from hackers. Today we are giving you some such tips by which you can keep your mobile safe. Let us know about these tips.

Hackers can spy
Hackers can spy through any smartphone without the consent of the user. Hackers get access to user’s photos, videos, call recordings, real time microphone data, GPS and location data.

Hackers can do such damage
Hackers can record malicious app calls, or can spy with the help of microphone. Not only this, hackers can also freeze the phone through service attack. In this way the data of the phone will remain forever. Apart from this, hackers can put malware and malicious code in the phone, due to which not only the activity of the hackers will be hidden, but it will also not be deleted.

Do not download third party apps
If you want to protect mobile from hackers, then do not download third party apps by mistake. By doing this your phone and personal data will be safe. These third party apps contain such links and malware, which along with stealing the personal information of the users, harm the phone.

Avoid Using Free Public Wi-Fi
If you have been to a public place, do not use free Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi. Most security breach incidents are carried out through public Wi-Fi. Hackers can easily access your smartphone through public Wi-Fi. Never use services like online transactions, especially through public Wi-Fi.

Be sure to read the permissions page of the mobile app
Users must read the permissions page of any mobile app before downloading it. If an app asks for more permissions like contact and location, then do not install it. This may leak your personal data.

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