Tips: If you have forgotten the UPI PIN of Google Pay, then change it like this, this is the easiest way

Tips: If you have forgotten the UPI PIN of Google Pay, then change it like this, this is the easiest way

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In the era of Corona, many changes have come in our life. In the midst of these changes, the method of payment has also changed. Now people believe more in making digital payments. Platforms like Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm are used the most in the country for digital payments. The most important thing for making the payment is the UPI PIN. If you forget this PIN then it becomes difficult to make payment. If you have also forgotten the UPI PIN of your Google Pay, then today we will tell you how to change it. Let us know how you can change the UPI PIN.

How to Change Google Pay UPI PIN

To change the UPI PIN in Google Pay, first open the app.
After this click on your photo in the top right corner.
Now here you will see the option of bank account, tap on it.
Now here select the bank account for which you want to change the PIN.
After doing this, tap on Forgot UPI PIN.
Now here enter the last six digits along with the expiry date of your debit card.
You can now create a new UPI PIN here.
Now you will get an OTP. Now after entering the OTP, you will be able to generate a new PIN.

How to make FD on Google Pay

To make Fixed Deposit, open the Google Play app and select the Business & Bills option below.
After this select the ‘Equitas SFB’ logo and then search for Equitas.
After this, Equitas small finance bank by Setu will be written in front of you.
After that click on Get Started option.
After this, open FD in 2 minutes will be seen written.
Below that click on ‘Invest Now’.
Now you will get to open all the options of Fixed Deposit.
Now click on Create FD.
After this confirm the amount and interest rate of Fixed Deposit.
Complete the KYC process and fill all the details like Aadhar number, mobile number, email id and pin code.
You submit it.
Your Fixed Deposit account has been opened.

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