Now you will get rid of ugly comments on Facebook posts, you can control like this

Tips: These features of Facebook are very special for privacy, learn how they work

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Tech giant Facebook is one of the most used platforms of social media. It has crores of users in India too. Many times it happens on Facebook that someone makes lewd comments on the post. At the same time, today we are going to tell you about such a feature, with the help of which you will be able to decide who can comment on your post and who cannot. Let us know what this feature is and how it works.

Control the comments of the post like this
For this you have to first open the Facebook App.
Now go to your profile and go to the post whose comments you have to control.
Now going to that post, three dots will appear in the right side, click on them.
Now click on the option of ‘Who can comment on your post’ here.
Not only this, you can also select in your post whether your post will be public or only friends will be able to see it.

This tool is also very special
Facebook had introduced a tool for its users, through which users can find out through which website or third party apps their data is being taken. The name of this tool is Off-Facebook Activity. With the help of this tool, you can curb data sharing. Let us know how this works.

Access this Off-Facebook Activity

For this, first login to your Facebook account.
Now tap on the three lines given in the top right side.
Here tap on Security & Privacy.
After doing this, click on Settings and go to Your Information
After doing this, click on the Off-Facebook Activity option.

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