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Tips: Want to turn off autocorrect feature in Android smartphone? Know what it is

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Mobile Tips: Many great and very useful features are being given in the smartphones that are being launched nowadays, one of them is the autocorrect feature. But sometimes because of this feature, we want to write something and after typing something else goes to the front, which creates a problem. In such a situation, users want to disable this feature, but many users do not know how to disable it. If you are also such a user, then today we will solve your problem. Let us know how to turn off the auto correct feature.

Turn off autocorrect feature

To turn off the autocorrect feature, first go to the setting of your Android smartphone.
Here go to the Language and Input option.
After doing this select the option of Virtual Keyboard.
Here you will see all the keyboards of the phone.
Out of all these, you have to select the option of Google Keyboard.
After this the basic setting of the keyboard will open.
Here you will see the option of Text Correction.
By clicking on this option, you can turn off the Auto Correction toggle.

Extend the life of your smartphone with these tips

Connectivity features like Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth in the mobile must be turned off after the work is over.
Due to this the battery consumption increases.
Turning off these features also increases the speed of the phone’s processor.
Use vibration mode only when needed.
-Many people keep vibration mode on all the time.
By doing this, the phone’s battery drains quickly. Battery life also gets reduced.

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