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Securitas Moscow, the largest international security exhibition in Russia, showcases equipment, security technologies and the latest solutions from major Russian and foreign manufacturers.  Let’s find out.

Much of this has been caused by cyber-ransomware attacks. Stephen Ranger, executive editor of TechRepublic magazine, believes that such attacks will move away from business and into the private sphere. Ben Hammersley.

British futurist and digital evangelist, gave examples at Securitas’s Security Forum: “It’s only when a company is facing the dire consequences of cybercrime that top managers think something more is needed to combat advanced hacking techniques. than human intuition”

What answer? ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Artificial intelligence and deep learning are the latest weapons in the war against cybercrime.

“In cybersecurity, AI can automatically identify potentially malicious software behavior, attack vectors, and associated anomalies in real time, allowing a constantly adaptive defense engine to detect and stop intrusions faster and easier than ever before,” says the CEO. Amplify, Chris Ganges.

“This technological advancement not only significantly reduces the number of cybersecurity breaches, but also gives analysts the ability to better focus their time and speed up the process of detecting breaches from hundreds of days to hours.”

Smart machines are paving the way for a safer world.

Fire drones

Drones are shaping many facets of modern life, including changing the face of modern warfare, being used by border guards, streamlining transportation and logistics around the world, and even providing flying Wi-Fi hotspots.

In Russia, before the advent of UAVs, aviation was mainly used to monitor forest fires – more than 310 aircraft and helicopters were used annually to monitor a fire situation.

Nikolai Korshunov, Head of the Department of Forest Protection from Fires at the FAA DPO VIPKH, cites the following options for using UAVs to fight fires: “Everything from post-incident 2009-2017 were firefighters. In Latvia Aurones LTD, a model is currently being developed for use in high altitude fire fighting.

The company’s prototype model is capable of lifting 114 kilograms, so it is capable of carrying a water hose to a height of about 400 meters. If successful, the Aurones prototype could become a new method of dealing with high-altitude flares.

Cloud technologies

More and more enterprises are choosing cloud technologies when choosing IT, while developers are moving from a cloud-first strategy (cloud first) to a cloud-only principle (only cloud solutions).  At the same time, Russia is characterized by a gradual migration from foreign IaaS services to Russian ones.

The global supply of cloud solutions continues to grow at a faster pace than the rest of the ICT market. Some are just looking at the cloud, but the desire to optimize costs and the need to transform the business will play in the favor of cloud providers: according to Gartner, more than half of IT outsourcing transactions by 2020 will involve the deployment of clouds.

“Organizations are moving to a cloud strategy because of the complex benefits that clouds provide, including flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, innovation, and business growth,” said Sid Nag, director of research at Gartner. In 2016, clouds accounted for roughly one-sixth, or about 17%, of all spending on infrastructure, applications, middleware, and business process automation services, he said, and that figure will rise to 28% by 2021.


Advances in picture and sound quality have made watching TV and movies an exceptional experience. Outside the home, the video surveillance world is also on the cusp of a complete 4k revolution.

Of course, the technology was adapted for security use as soon as it was available.  But, as with many industries, mass production of such systems on a large scale is now available.

For the consumer, i.e. organizations and buyers in need of world-class perimeter security, 4k offers tremendous benefits. First, image quality. A bright, clear picture gives a huge technique of pixels. This means that control and identification, face detection or vehicle license plate detection, become simple.

Two HD cameras can double the number of SD cameras, which can result in cost savings.

laser fence

When you think of fencing and perimeter protection, physically, it’s probably fencing or checkpoint walls. However, not all perimeters are equal. The relief and length play a huge role in determining which system is suitable.

Laser fencing is actively used in the commercial field and is being tested in the military industry to protect bespoke areas along the border.

This shows how security is moving from lo-tech to more complex global security scenarios.

You can get acquainted with the latest trends in the field of security at the Moscow International Exhibition Securitas Moscow, which will be held from March 19 to 22, 2019, at the Apocentre Fairgrounds.

Today, Securitas Moscow is the most representative business event of international level in the security industry of Russia and the CIS countries. Securitas Moscow is traditionally a platform for demonstrating new products in the field of security, safety and fire protection, the first presentation of which takes place during the exhibition.