Children are using more smartphones in lockdown, so keep an eye on their activity

Children are using more smartphones in lockdown, so keep an eye on their activity

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Many states have once again increased the lockdown. In the lockdown, children have started using smartphones more by staying at home. All schools are closed due to Corona virus epidemic, in such a situation, children are spending most of their time on smartphones and laptops. There are many such games on the Internet, which children have become addicted to. Apart from this, children often reach such things on the net, where they should not reach. In such a situation, parents need to keep an eye on the smartphone activity of children. We will tell you how you can keep an eye on the activities of children.

parental control tools
You should know what your child is doing or watching on mobile. You should be watching the mobile screen access of the child. For this, you cannot be with him all the time, so parental control tools can prove to be helpful for monitoring.

Parental control is very important
Through parental control tool, children can manage their mobile screen time. This tool is available in both Android and iOS. Through this, social media monitoring, web filtering, location tracking, YouTube video watch time can be monitored. Apart from this, such apps which are harmful for your child can also be blocked. You can also set the time limit as well.

can get rid of addiction
With this you will be able to know what your child does the most on mobile. If he spends much of his time in a particular game or app and he is addicted, then you will be able to get rid of this addiction.

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