Top 6 Newest Best Technologies of 2020

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Technology is what is responsible for promoting and changing this world. The latest technological discoveries and inventions carry a certain risk, but they also guarantee changes for the better, as they are aimed at solving modern problems associated with changing the environment.

This is the result of human potential and uncompromising attitude. New technologies are not an empty word for each of us, because thanks to it we can improve living standards. Here is a list of the top 10 best new technologies for 2020, which will certainly give us the opportunity to look at the world differently.

1. Reasonable energy of wind and sun

The energy of the sun and wind is the future of the modern energy industry. However, scientists are still faced with the question of continuous production of this type of “fuel”. It is assumed that in a rapidly changing world there will be some kind of artificial intelligence (machine) that will provide the most accurate predictions, while combining many energy sources in the network. These forecasts will contribute to the struggle for stable energy sources, accumulating alternating wind and solar energy. This is a very important technology for the industry, as the new systems will allow electricity to be produced at lower rates than nuclear power plants.


2. Ultraprivate smartphones

The development of technology has allowed scientists to create another amazing gadget for users who are suspicious and wary of applications downloaded to smartphones or tablets, and in general, for those who prefer to leave their personal lives sealed. This miracle of technology is a new generation of smartphones – Ultraprivate.

The Blackphone of this series has a high level of security: reliable connections with Wi-Fi, a security center, erasure and data security in case of loss of the gadget. With these smartphones, neither the government nor advertisers will be able to extract sensitive information from your mobile. New models of this kind of phones will be launched soon, and their functions will blow your imagination.

3. Nanoparticles or nanowire lithium-ion batteries

Batteries are extremely important in various aspects of modern life. They’ve been improved too! Li-ion batteries already have a good energy density, but by attaching nanoparticles and nanofibers to their large surface, the power is significantly increased, which allows the batteries to quickly charge and transfer electricity. Nano accumulators are so powerful that they can charge numerous electronic devices without any problem.

A new headset and new technology for video games threatens to change the understanding of gaming in general. A future technological event – the release of the Oculus Rift – a mini-helmet or virtual glasses that literally allow you to look into virtual reality. The width of the field of view is impressive, the image resolution is high, and the weight of the glasses means practically nothing. The gadget provides a unique opportunity to step inside your favorite game, analyze its world. The new technology is designed specifically for the maximum comfort of gamers, their unlimited pleasure, as it is planned to release a series of this headset at prices that do not hit consumers’ wallets too much.

4. Microscale 3D printing

To create an object that is accurate in color and color is the job of a 3-D printer, which simplifies the production of many items that are necessary in everyday life. But technology has taken a step further. Such 3-D printers have appeared that are capable of miracles, for example, when using certain materials, they can participate in the development of objects, such as biological tissue with blood vessels. Oh yeah! 3D printing now stands out. It is indispensable (for now) in the design of complex and detailed 3D structures made of plastic or metal. In the past, researchers such as Dr. Lewis and her team have invented a wide variety of innovative inks with beneficial mechanical and electrical properties. This ink allows the 3-D printer to go further by expanding its functions. And who knows what he will “print” next time … Sixth line among the best technologies.

5. Agricultural drones

According to many experts, the advent of agricultural drones could lead to revolutionary changes and this is definitely one of the best technologies. These drones are small, affordable, and easy to use, so agriculture could be a platform for similar commercial applications. Relatively inexpensive drones, thanks to modern sensors, are quite effective in image processing, provide a detailed view of the crop, without the need to bypass the fields, give farmers new ways to increase yields, while minimizing damage. They will become as indispensable as many other farmers’ devices. Drones are a good solution to irrigation and efficient plant growth. According to the program, the drone can check the harvest at least every week or every day, delivering information about it to the owner.

6. Body adapter

Advanced gadgets that are suitable for us, or rather “compatible” with our body, will allow us to better understand and even interpret the physical state. And they were invented mainly for fitness. All of these things, from the Fitbit bracelet to Google Glass, have provoked increased consumer attention over the past year. So what are these miracles? New body-worn devices. They record the body’s indicators in sleep mode, heart rate, and compare it with changes during physical activity, which allows one to draw certain conclusions by increasing or decreasing the intensity of fitness activities. Why “wearable”? But because adapters are built into clothes. This close interaction with devices provides a lot of positive aspects – first of all, real-time health information. Small devices with a wide range of sensors and a feedback system are disguised under clothing, do not attract too much attention, therefore they are pleasant and useful. And, by the way, it is assumed that they will be cheaper than currently widespread sensors.

An example of the amazing technology from Local Haptic is shoe soles that help the wearer find his way over short distances. Fantastic? No! It’s just that the outsole creates warning vibrations that tell you where to go.