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Toyota Motor Kazakhstan officially announces the launch of one of the most long-awaited new products in the Kazakhstan market – the eighth generation Toyota Camry business sedan (Camry 70).

Dozens of awards and millions of fans around the world – since its introduction in 1982, the Toyota Camry has consistently remained in the public eye. To date, the car has sold over 19 million units worldwide (annual sales of over 700,000 vehicles) and has been owned by customers in over 100 countries. And, given how the new generation turned out, the excitement around it is growing more and more.

The eighth generation Toyota Camry sets new standards in terms of design, ergonomics, handling and safety. “We wanted the new generation Camry to excite people. We’ve built this car from scratch with a focus on performance and ride quality, which has greatly enhanced the driving pleasure of the Camry.” Masato Katsumata, chief designer of Toyota Motor Corporation, says.

And she’s really annoying. Bright appearance, original interior style, innovative platform architecture, excellent handling, the most spacious and quiet cabin in the class, a new level of safety, a new engine and for the first time in the Direct Shift-8AT segment – there are at least 7 facts of undeniable leadership of the Camry 70, which are worth pay special attention.

Modular TNGA architecture

In an effort to create the best in everything cars, Toyota engineers have developed a new design approach – the global modular architecture TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). The idea of ​​architecture is to create bright, unique cars that give a special driving pleasure. In doing so, it pays equal attention to dynamic performance geared towards driving fans, attractive design, excellent workmanship, reliability and safety. The eighth generation Camry was the first vehicle to fully embody the TNGA design and engineering philosophy.

The new GA-K platform helped to make the body wider and lower, increase its rigidity by more than 30%, and improve its aerodynamic properties. The height of the car has become less by 25 mm, and the highest point of the hood has dropped by 40 mm. What’s more, the Camry 70 has almost no detail in the controls, instrument panel, powertrain, chassis, safety systems, or design elements that would have been borrowed from the previous generation of cars.

Stunning looks and perfect proportions

The appearance of the new business sedan embodies a bright evolution of the Toyota Under Priority (emphasis on the lower part) and Keen Look (sharp look) concepts into the corporate style – Catamaran Under Priority.

The slender, wide and deep-set upper grille accentuates the Toyota badge. The narrow headlights, equipped with LED high beams and the highly recognizable Daytime Running Lights (DRL), now have two-tone outer lenses. Its grille flanks are reminiscent of a twin catamaran hull and emphasize the track width. The lower edge of the side bumper flows from the sills to the sporty front spoiler, accentuating the car’s squat silhouette.

The lower grille made up of filigree horizontal slats, the powerful waistline, the bulging wheel arches and the sloping roofline create a unique, dynamic and stylish look. The result is a combination of clean, accentuated lines, precise planes and gently curved surfaces that give the new Camry 70 an incredibly refined yet sensual athleticism worthy of a business sedan.

The Camry 70 will be available with 16-inch and 17-inch wheels, as well as 18-inch polished alloy wheels. Six body colors are offered, including three new ones: Midnight Emerald Blue (blue), Platinum White Pearl Metallic (white metallic with pearl effect) and Graphite Metallic (dark brown metallic).

Best-in-class interior trim and the latest technology

In the cabin of the new Camry 70, you will not find a single detail familiar from the previous generation. The decoration uses new textures and premium quality materials. Buyers will be offered two color schemes: Beige – a combination of a dark gray finish and the upper part of the dashboard with two shades of beige and Black – a brighter and more solid black color than previously used, which will emphasize interior color accents in the form of matt chrome inserts. .

A Tiger Eye pattern finish will also be available, which creates a sense of depth and radiance that changes appearance as the viewing angle changes, making it look like a tiger’s eye stone.

The new front sports seats provide increased comfort with a wider seat back at the shoulder area, and its form-fitting shape has received pronounced lateral support. The Advanced Rear Seat is available in two versions: a 60:40 fold-down seat or a 40:20:40 fold-down seat with electric backrest. The power recline seat is available with a touch control panel integrated into the front of the center armrest. And in front of the gear selector there is a special area for wireless charging for mobile phones.

The steering wheel is equipped with switches to operate the multi-information display and driver assistance systems. The developers have also paid attention to its cross-section and grip stiffness to give riders a sportier driving experience. Rim heating is available as an option: 30°C is reached in 3 minutes.

The new Camry 70’s best-in-class human-machine interface features three easy-to-read information displays: a 10-inch color head-up display with enhanced image clarity; seven-inch multifunctional information display built into the instrument panel (4.2 inches as standard); eight-inch display in the center console, which is part of the Toyota Touch® 2 multimedia system with Go navigation.

The graphics on the new seven-inch display use a perspective effect to create image depth. And to simplify the perception of information, there is the possibility of dividing the display area into several screens, changing its size and using tabs.

The Toyota Touch® 2 Go system supports 22 languages ​​and Wi-Fi technology, allowing the user to set up their smartphone as a hotspot to connect the system to online features. The navigation system with detailed map information displays 3D city models, images of points of interest, provides visualization of traffic conditions, the ability to call an emergency service, voice playback of text messages and access to the Toyota Internet portal.

The new Camry 70 comes standard with a 6-speaker audio system, which can be upgraded to JBL’s premium 9-speaker sound system and a new 265mm subwoofer. This system is equipped with Clair-Fi technology, which restores frequencies lost in compressed audio files such as MP3 files or streaming audio files. This technology restores sound quality and stereo depth in real time, bringing them closer to the level of the original audio recording.

The three-zone air conditioning system includes nanonets technology. Nanoparticles ranging in size from 5 to 20 nm, which are negatively charged ions surrounded by water molecules, enter the car interior when ventilation is turned on. This allows them to gently moisturize the skin and hair and create an invigorating and refreshing atmosphere in the car interior.

The equipment of the new Toyota business sedan also includes a winter package.