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Trivia Crack App

Trivia Crack is an online trivia game, developed by Attermax, creators of the legendary Angry Words, and they are very famous in trivia for gaming.

The gameplay is very simple: players answer questions and collect their answers on the net, trying to gain more authority than their opponents. This time, however, apart from the normal game, you now get a personal duel in which you can challenge your friend.

The game has over 90,000 different questions divided into 6 categories. In addition, you get 4 different power to help you in difficult situations. One of the advantages of Trivia Crack is that it has a stunning style. It’s very lovely and fun, with very colorful characters that draw weird smiles.

Trivia Crack is a fun multiplayer trivia game, in which a lot of games you can play.

Trivia Crack App


In the game, players will get access to a vast library of unlimited questions and knowledge that come from all over the world. Find yourself learning new things that you never thought would exist without the real facts of trivia.

Choose between different question categories in the game that cover different areas or knowledge and test yourself with great questions. With questions about different places, times, and topics, you will definitely enjoy common sense.

The game has a simple gameplay that you can enjoy with many other users. As the wheel rotates, you will be given some questions from a specific category. Answer correctly so that you don’t miss your next turn and miss the opportunity to fill the crown gauge.
You can also get new characters by challenging your opponents into interesting pairs. Victory fights to make himself one of their characters. Collect 6 characters to win the entire game.

In addition, the game allows users to enjoy amazing editing features, allowing you to add queries to the pool and translate some queries into your language. Feel free to contribute to making the game more interesting.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of question-and-answer methods that will take you through exciting challenges and gameplay. so what are you waiting for?


  1. 6 unique characters with specific skills in the game
  2. To begin with, you will have access to 6 unique characters in the game along with your own unique characters.
  3. For geography facts, you can always count on Tito as he distributes his vast information to various countries of the world, their cities and capitals, famous or unique travel destinations, and more.
  4. There is no better person than Hector from whom you can learn history. It is like a complete Wikipedia with incredible information about world history.
  5. And to learn science, you can find yourself enjoying many interesting questions from Albert. Answer various questions like math, chemistry, physics, and more.
  6. For those of you who are interested, you can always keep up to date with the latest sports news from Bono, who has incredible knowledge about the game.
  7. As far as art lovers are concerned, you can always find yourself enjoying the small and interesting bits of information you get from Tina whenever you fall into this category.
  8. If you want to know anything about entertainment, you can always get the latest and interesting news from pop. Keep good content in TV shows, gaming updates, and more.

Trivia Crack App

Feel free to contribute to the game

In addition, dedicated fans of the game can join other parties around the world as you provide your information in the question pool. So, to make the game more interesting for Android gamers.

And to accept the game globally, gamers are also given the option to translate some questions in their content or expert language. Once approved, your name will appear on the board with other assistants, which is very good.

free to play

This app is also available on the google play store, Therefore, Android gamers can easily download and install it on their mobile devices. It is just a tap on the install button and you get the game with the entire gameplay.

The graphics

Trivia offers a great visual experience for Android gamers. That being said, the clear and intuitive interface makes it very easy for you to understand questions and learn new knowledge. Therefore, it is right to have fun with your family or friends.

Sound / Music

Enjoy a simple and catchy soundtrack in the game as you will find yourself answering questions. In addition, responsive audio effects make the game even more interesting.