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Twitter may soon get a limit of more than 280 characters, new features may be rolled out

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Micro blogging site Twitter users are going to get an update soon. In which the limit of 280-character can be increased further. It was said from the company that we are focusing on going beyond 280 characters. We on Twitter want to enable everyone to express their views however they feel comfortable in. Whether through a tweet or using your real voice in a live chat.

New features will be rolled out
At the same time, Twitter is going to bring some more new features. According to the company’s product leader Esther Crawford, the space format will encourage users to join the chat in a new way. He said the end of the live stream could allow people to play the space audio. Along with this, Twitter is also considering increasing the reach of super followers. Twitter is about to roll out Heads Up, which is currently in the testing phase.

Option to block Spaces
Actually, according to some media reports, four new features will be added on Twitter soon. After the arrival of these new features, users will be able to set new rules for their spaces. Apart from this, users will also get the option to block Spaces. That is, Twitter users will get the facility to block live conversations of a specific group of people. This feature is currently in the testing phase.

can reply
Along with this, it has also been learned in the report that the option of Replay will also be given to the users for Spaces. At present, users can join Spaces only after the conversation is live. Also, it cannot be heard again after the conversation is over.

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