Twitter took a jibe at Facebook's name change, know what it said

Twitter took a jibe at Facebook’s name change, know what it said

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Facebook Name Change: Social media giant Facebook has been renamed, it will now be known as Meta. The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced this. At the same time, it is being discussed on different platforms of social media. Meanwhile, microblogging site Twitter has taken a dig at changing the name of Facebook. Company one has tweeted about this.

twitter joked
Actually Twitter has tweeted, ‘BIG NEWS lol jk still Twitter.’ Twitter has ridiculed Facebook like this. After this, people on Twitter are giving their reactions to this post. So far, more than 1.5 lakh likes and more than 20 thousand retweets have been done on this.

Facebook’s name changed to meta
At the same time, during the announcement of changing the name of Facebook, the company wrote on Twitter, “Facebook’s new name will be Meta. Meta will help build the metaverse. A place where we will play and connect with each other through 3D technology. Welcome to the next chapter of social engagement.” A 15-second video has been released by Facebook, in which it is shown that the name of Facebook has now been changed to Meta. The logo of Meta has also been released in this video. The logo of Meta has been released in blue color on the lines of vertical eight (8).

virtual world is meta
Last month, Facebook gave information about its plans to build its metaverse. Explain that the term metaverse is used to know and understand the virtual, interactive space in the digital world. Let us tell you that the metaverse is a virtual world where a person can exist even if he is not physically present.

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