Using these three features of WhatsApp can save your time, know how to use

Using these three features of WhatsApp can save your time, know how to use

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New Delhi: Popular app WhatsApp constantly launches new features, so that the experience of its users can be improved. Today you are going to tell about some such great features of this app, by using which you can save a lot of your time. These features are proving to be a hit from personal life to professional life. People are using them on a large scale. WhatsApp launched these features recently.

WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp launched a great feature WhatsApp Payments last year. With the help of this, you can send money to another person in just a few minutes or transfer money from another person to your own account. This feature of WhatsApp works like other payment apps and is UPI based. You have to create an account by going to your WhatsApp and after that you will be able to send money to another person in a few minutes. This feature of WhatsApp will relieve the hassle of going to your bank. You will be able to transact money sitting at home.

Advance Search Option

WhatsApp has launched this feature so that users can easily find any file, photo, video or link. Usually, people share many messages, photos and videos from WhatsApp in a day. In such a situation, if you want to search for any important document, then you have to click on the search option at the top of WhatsApp and your latest document will be visible there. This feature saves you a lot of time.

QR Code

Till now you used to save the number to add a contact in your WhatsApp. After that he was seen in your WhatsApp. Whatsapp’s QR Code feature has brought a solution to your problem. Now you can save the number by scanning another person’s WhatsApp QR code from your phone. Not only this, you can also share your QR Code with another person. Your number can be saved easily by scanning it. This feature makes it work in a few seconds.

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