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Vegas Crime Simulator Game:

Vegas Crime Simulator is a third-person racing game which based inspired by the openly stunning GTAVice City, where you have to catch a criminal in Las Vegas. Be prepared, because you can do practically whatever you want. You can steal cars, start firing, face other criminals, and more.

The Vegas Crime Simulator gameplay can be really familiar if you’ve ever played the GTA. You can take your character anywhere around the city and steal the car you want.

The Vegas Crime Simulator has many different cars that you can drive like in GTA, and also motorcycles, tanks and even helicopters, and much more. There are also many weapons to choose from: guns and machine guns.

Enjoy classic action-adventure gameplay while exploring yourself independently in this massive gameplay of Vegas Crime Simulator. Have fun exploring these areas and in each of these ways you want to interact with some elements of the game.

Vegas Crime Simulator
Story / Gameplay

Here in Vegas Crime Simulator, Android gamers can find themselves with their awesome gameplay of gangster action and adventure. At the same time, you can go to around the city, where you can watch interesting many people like in gta vice city.
Enjoy addictive and entertaining stories with various events. Discover the game’s action and impressions with exciting and fun missions. And always some authentic gangster shooting experiences.
Download the this game from our site, Here you can easily enjoy the great gameplay of City Daniels in Vegas Crime Simulator. Enjoy chatting with various NPCs, exploring the streets, driving your awesome cars and coming up with whichever way you want to get the game.



Here are all the interesting features offered in the game:

Easy and accessible touch controls

To begin with, Android gamers in Vegas Crime Simulator can quickly enjoy easy and accessible touch controls when you play this game in mobile.. Feel free to use easy controls when you are walking on the road by accident, engage in collisions or fire exchanges, and even while driving in separate vehicles. A variety of better control options will ensure that you can enjoy a great mobile game.

Do your job on the gangster ladder

And for those of you who are interested, Vegas Crime Simulator now offers its realistic and intense gangster gameplay, which will give you many exciting experiences. Here, gamers have to complete some quests and challenges that are needed, as they move through the stories within the game and move up the gangster ladder. When you gradually gain your respect and popularity in the city, look at the ranking of the mafia more. Claim your status by conducting an amazing criminal investigation.

Customize and upgrade your characters freely

And to make sure you’re more capable of fighting your enemies, Vegas Crime Simulator now offers a lot of upgrades and customization options, which you can make your gangster even better. Start by pumping your skills with endurance, power, accuracy, driving, handling skills and many more. All you have to do is to increase your abilities during combat and handle as many powerful weapons and vehicles as you can. As a result, you can easily exchange your weapons using powerful combat machines to challenge the police and other cops.

Vegas Crime Simulator
Great cars to ride

And about that, you don’t always need large-scale tanks or military aircraft to enjoy the game. Vegas Crime Simulator also offers many interesting cars that you can find around the city. Here, gamers can easily find their favorite rides and return them to their owners, Gangster Style. Enjoy speeding up your sports cars, or take to the streets with your stolen police cars, board boats to find a water ride and have fun with awesome rides on your planes.

Enjoy offline gameplay

Feel free to enjoy awesome this game during your daily commute whenever and wherever you want even when you offline.

Free to play

You can easily download this game from the google play store free of cost. Feel free to take this game and start enjoying it with its many free features.